B-Town Wedding Recap

17 08 2010

I owe you a few recaps- the second Jersey recap, and of course my state fair experience report. But I’ll start with Saturday, which was our friends’ wedding in Bloomington, Indiana at IU.

The bride, Kristen, was the quintessential BRIDE. Seriously put her on the cover of a magazine. She was so happy and the wedding was personal and elegant.

Me and Kristen:

Luckily… no one wore white except her!!!!! So I didn’t have to awkwardly corner anyone.

The reception was beautiful. B and I both felt like it was the wedding we were supposed to have. (If you don’t know what happened, read here.) Sometimes, it can be hard going to weddings that feel “us,” not necessarily because we want it for our own sake, but because we wish we could have offered the food, music, dancing, and experience to our friends and family. That feeling passed, since we were busy having fun and celebrating their marriage, but it’s probably something we’ll think about for many years at beautiful weddings. We also made a pact to have a 10 year anniversary party for everyone to enjoy.

The food was delicious, the bar had great Indiana beer & wine and two spritzers, and the cupcakes…

THEY WERE AMAZING! (That would be the bride and groom cutting their big cupcake.) They had a few flavors, of which I tried the red velvet and chocolate peanut butter. (Both were A+, naturally.)

There were also some interesting statues in the reception hall…

Many guests stayed over, but we chose to take it easy and drive home, just over an hour. A hotel room and boarding the pugs ends up being too expensive! Even though it would have been fun to party with everyone late into the night, I was glad we were budget conscious.

My favorite things about the wedding? The classy programs, the hypericum berries in the flowers, the outdoor cocktail hour, the tortellini, and the not-overly-frosted cupcakes. It was A+, beautiful, and I couldn’t be happier for the couple! (And yes, I should have taken more pictures!)




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17 08 2010

I felt the same way at a wedding I recently went to. It kind of trudged up those feelings I had about not offering a full meal at my wedding…especially after my own husband wouldn’t stop gushing about how great their food was. But we did what we could, ya know? I kind of wish we had done things differently now, though. The bride is beautiful, best wishes to them!

18 08 2010

The bride is beautiful! Those cap sleeves are to die for! And don’t feel bad about your wedding! I know it wasn’t what you had imagined, but you got the guy that’s all that matters! As I sometimes have to remind myself: This is all temporary, we’re just passing through. As in, the afterlife is forever and will hold all we could ever hope and dream of. (I hope that’s not too heavy for a blog) Whenever I am frustrated I think of that and remind myself of all I am so blessed to have- even if I would really like more/different etc. We’re only human, what can we expect of our imperfect selves?

When it comes time for the ten year anniversary, think of how fabulous and fun that will be! (And even better if you’ve been able to afford your dream house as a result of not pushing the budget for your wedding and have the party in your backyard….ack I can picture it now!)

18 08 2010

Love love love she is a beautiful bride!

I love your idea about a 10 year fiesta and I think that I should be invited. Okay, so really I just know you’re going to throw an awesome party. Although I don’t know many brides who got their dream wedding (I sure as heck didn’t and I know it wasn’t in the budget for a lot of my friends) I think you should work for the things in life that make you happy. It seems to me that celebrating with your friends and loved ones is extremely important to you and at is awesome.

❤ you!

18 08 2010

So pretty!! (Both you and the bride.) I have a necklace just like yours, actually.

You should totes do a 10 year party!! And by then we’ll be old buds w/ kids and stuff and I’ll come! Woooo sounds like a plan to meee!!

18 08 2010

Loving her dress! So pretty!

18 08 2010

Oh my do I love her dress! Cute photo of you and hubby, and you’re saying you took it easy? lol. Up next should be State Fair cause I’m going this weekend! Thanks.

18 08 2010

She looks great! If it’s ok with you, I’m gonna save that pic and show it to my makeup artist. Tell your friend she’s an “inspiration” LOL

And please don’t feel badly about your wedding day. I think it was spectacular!!! I keep asking myself why we need all this crap just to be married?! Friends of mine were married in city hall & had a 1yr anniv party complete with cake cutting, 1st dance, guest book etc. – it was a fraction of the cost. Genius! I think it’s a wonderful idea. If I could turn back the clock – I’d do the same thing.

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