State Fairrrr Yo!

18 08 2010

On Sunday and Tuesday, I had two wonderful, insane, tiring, delicious Indiana State Fair experiences. We went with our friends Lydia and Aaron both days. Lydia and I started off Sunday with a Lemon Shake-Up…

We focused more on fun than food on Sunday, but I did get some delicious CORN! AKA my favorite.

I got weird and slightly suggestive… at which point it quickly became time to shut up and eat.

The fair was the perfect amount of crowded on Sunday. Maybe because it was 2938734 degrees?

(I’ve had the “pigs in mud” and it’s gross because they keep it all COLD. I didn’t get to try fried butter at all, but I’ll fill you in on the rest soon.)

We also did some typical fair things, like mullet-spotting…

Avoiding cow-pee…

View some cheese sculptures…

Maybe… see a dog being neutered live?

Awesome. Yea B’s reaction was felt by us all as they literally showed the testicle popping out like a zit.

Luckily we were able to recover with a trip to the Midway and a few more bottles of water.

After this was the Papa John’s debacle. Which, by the way, they finally responded to. I’ll fill you all in after this BS is over with.

Monday I had to work Old Navy and my day job, but Tuesday night we went back for $2 Tuesday. Admission is only $2 and many eateries have $2 specials. I didn’t take as many pictures, but I will let you know what I ate, in order (it’s kind of gross)

  • A small slice of pepperoni pizza for “dinner”
  • A portion of a huge order of curly cheese fries
  • One and 1/3 fried cookie dough balls (I split the four-ball order with Lydia and her sister Ashley)
  • A Wisconsin Cheese sampler (one mozzarella stick, one fried cheddar cheese curd, and one fried jalapeno cheese curd)
  • A small ice cream cone with sub-standard sprinkles

So yes, I came home full. No pizza necessary.

We did more fair sight-seeing on Tuesday. The lines were intense. Because of the bargains it was a lot of moms and kids, and a LOT of ghetto people. A LOT. We found some relief from the lines in the livestock buildings. There were cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, pigs…


Yea we have no idea who just left their baby there.

There were also really tall horses…

Hairy sheep balls…

Baby lambies…

The latest fashion trends in sheep-wear…

Tired baby piggies…

(Which was great til a dad next to me pointed them out as the delicious dinner they just had to his son…)

We also saw the World’s Largest Boar and his large set…

Our final stop was the rabbit & poultry barn. They had some cute baby chickens, turkeys, and quails (or is it just quail?) which delighted me until I saw this sign:

First I noticed that the display was furnished by my least favorite college, Purdue (aka PurDON’T if you are an IU fan.) Then I noticed the unnecessary apostrophe in turkeys. FAIL.

The baby birds were cute though. They were really calm most of the time, but at one point, the quail freakedddddd OUT.

I really liked visiting the chickens and rabbits. In fact, I got a bit artsy with them. This first pic is one of my favorite OF ALL TIME.

This one is B’s favorite:

And this one? This one is GANGSTA.

I got a little overly artsy when I saw this tiny lone egg, too.

And last but not least… I had to take one of this super angry little bunnie. I wonder who farted in his bunny food?

It was a blast, but was also a tiring two days. Any of you guys have good state fairs? (True Life: NJ has one, and I’ve NEVER been!)




14 responses

18 08 2010

I love fried cheese curds. Yum!

18 08 2010

Oh, my. Oh…that boar’s….BALLS.

I seriously thought that was it’s HEAD and I was looking everywhere the impressive “set” you referenced…and then it hit me.


Fried butter makes me want to throw twice, just thinking about it.

I like chocolate covered bacon, but I’ve never had it cold, it was room temp and so wrong it was right.

The word “curd” makes me think of yeast infections.

Deep fried cookie dough will haunt my dreams with WANT.

18 08 2010

Fried cheese curds! Oh Wisconsin, how i miss thee. I loved the Wisco state fair growing up and I’ve actually never been to the Florida one. This totally makes me want to go.

Okay, not the bulls balls.

Or the testes popping.

Or the cute baby pig eating.

But, you know, the other stuff.

18 08 2010

i want a baby lambie or an angry bunny!!! so cute! we see this same stuff here at the houston rodeo. ridiculous!

18 08 2010

I just had to come back and look at the boar balls again.

I just have no words. I showed my husband, and he pretended not to be impressed. Psh.

18 08 2010

PurDON’T = BIG (English) FAIL!! Hahaha that cracks me up!! I think the Indiana State Fair is much better and bigger than most other state fairs, not sure why. I think we will be going Friday early afternoon since the hubby gets off early.

PS – Sorry about not spilling the good new yet, there is a good reason .. promise.

19 08 2010

Looks like fun, as an attender of many Wisconsin State Fair’s I am excited to go to this one! Hoping to maybe go Friday night, or all day Saturday. My favorite thing is to look at the animals and the little shops and crap they sell. Maybe I’ll try the fried butter. So bad, it might be good!

19 08 2010
Stacy Marie

That lemonade shake up stuff is the BEST!

19 08 2010

I love your commentary about the quails/quail. Being that they are my kin, I apologize for them freaking out.

Also, I literally snorted at this: “There were cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, pigs…[baby pic]…Babies.” What is WRONG with people? We’re going to a fair on Friday to see a demolition derby…lord help me.

19 08 2010

HOLY BALLS! cheese balls, boar balls and lack of balls:)

19 08 2010

Awww the baby piggies are so cute! And those chicken pics are awesomeeee

19 08 2010

Yay! Love State Fair! So fun. And also? I’m a Wisconsin Alum so I hate Purdue too…we also say PurDON’T! I have to say I don’t hate them nearly as much as Ohio State though. Douches. 😉

20 08 2010

I LOOOOOVE the fair. I also eat everything that holds still long enough when I go. Occasionally suggestively.

27 08 2010

I hate all birds… HATE… so fuck the chickens … butsdjflskdj fksd BABIESSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I’ll take 3 lambies, please.

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