22 08 2010

As I told you all, my mom found a bunch of my old stuff and sent it home with us from NJ.

I went through the box last night.

Boooyyy was it good.

There was a box of notes.

Many of these have no names so I have zero idea who they are from.

I also had a planner from (I think) my junior year of high school.

Inside were lots of goodies, including a few pictures.

How abouttt….. KJ (on the far right) down the shore in oh, 2001 or a little earlier?

(I look older there than I do now, I think.)

Or maybe some pictures from my choir tour?

(That would be me in the “68” shirt. It was an impromptu show we did for a shelter in Hollywood, CA.)

And what planner is complete without a floppy disk?

Up next? Framed proof that I am Joshua Jackson’s twin.

There was also some stuff from camp, which I went to between 7th and 8th grade. I made this dragon ceramic piece there.

Then the tears started. I found the pillow my camp friends signed in there…

But this signature was the most important.

Amanda was my friend from school who convinced me to go to camp with her. She tragically died in a motorcycle accident in 2004.

Next was a decoupaged box (I did a lot of that.)

Which contained some warm fuzzies (no joke) and my keychain collection.

My baby cup was in the box…

As was this dog that I painted in kindergarten. Yes, he’s blue.

Clearly I was the real creator of the show Blue’s Clues.

I also have a dollar that was signed by the then Governor of NJ, Christie Todd Whitman.

I hope she becomes president so I can sell that dollar for more than a dollar.

But the masterpiece, the finale, the most important part?

All. My. Journals.

First up was RCD from 1996:

(AKA Rainbow Cubed Diary)

Then, my journal of STORIES.

I’m not kidding:

Such classics as In My Bathroom and The Boy Girl Bear were included. I read them to B last night and he literally begged me to stop after Pinkerton, the story of a changeling snail/baby.

Then there were the journals… all SIX of them.

I saw a trend when I opened them up….

Apparently, death was imminent.

I will be posting the journals (probably just the six ones from 1998-2002)

Any childhood memories you’d like to savor… or care to forget?

Interested in reading my childhood journals? If so- let me know! And tell me what I should “call” it. KJPuglette? KJ’s Journals? Please share thoughts and ideas!




10 responses

22 08 2010

Omg I cannot WAIT to read these! I just really hope I don’t, you know, die.

Ps, I guess you really WERE a Joey Fat-one fan. Ew.

22 08 2010


22 08 2010

Haha. This is great.
I still have all of my old journals, well, the ones from college at least. Pete couldn’t handle them being in our nightstand (Because they talked about me and other boys) so they recently got sentenced to the guest room closet.
I do love reading them though.
And oh yes, I’ll be reading yours.
Kind of excited

23 08 2010
Miss Puppy Love PLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEE share! You doing this has made me so motivated to share my journals {which weren’t really journals, but mine and my friends’ lame attempts at writing pop songs, lol!}.

23 08 2010

Matt Daaaaamon .. HAHAHA! I’ll have to admit that I was slightly obsessed with Gary Sinise (not sure why) and Leo DiCaprio (after Titanic of course). I did this same thing to my notebooks and spend countless hours cutting things out of magazines.

23 08 2010

I always sucked at keeping up with journals. But I tried several. And I made them look awesome with my favorite cut outs (yeah, I definitely had a Titanic Leo on one), but that was the most fun part. Actually writing, not so much my thing.

I want to read, but only if no bad journal voodoo magic causes my demise! 😉

23 08 2010

So awesome! We had notebooks with my friends in Highschool, I think I have both of em, I did keep all my notes too, but we signed our names! It’s so fun to look back and read/see your thoughts and feelings! Thank you for sharing!

23 08 2010

I AM DYING @ “Pinkerton, the story of a changeling snail/baby.”


You were awkward way before it was cool. Vintage Awkward.

25 08 2010

Ahhhh hahahahaha this just made my day. I want…to…read…your…journals. NOW! What a treasure trove of goodies in that box! I wish I had stuff like that. We moved so many times during my childhood that we kind of tossed excess things like that…sad!

26 08 2010

Kelly — your story titles made me laugh until I cried. I was especially amused by “In My Bathroom” and “The Boy Girl Bear” and when I scrolled down and saw you called these two out specifically, I laughed even harder. It hurt a little. GMTA. Anyway, you MUST publish these stories.

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