23 08 2010

(Before I start- I promise the NJ wedding celebration recap post is coming. I just spent a ton of time cleaning tonight and it’s been taking forever to do posts with lots of photos, since my computer is getting so slow. Joe… I know you’re reading this!! You have yet to respond to my facebook wall post, let’s talk Mac work! Anyway, please bear with me until I have the copious amount of time necessary to do the post!)

I had one of my usual meltdowns (that you could set your clock to) on Friday and complained a lot about how I hate our house, we can’t fit in it, etc. While I was at work on Sunday at Old Navy, Big Daddy cleaned out our dining room and living room area.

And it literally changed my whole entire outlook. It made it livable.

So then I switched gears to the spare bedroom. Since the wedding, literally evvverrrryyyythinggggg has gotten thrown in there. Our house is small, so I have my clothes stored in there. I have tons and tons of old clothes that don’t fit, so I practically stopped using the dresser and closet (they’re full of them!) and put my clothes in literal PILES on the bed.

I kind of am embarrassed to show you this. Ok not kind of… very. B keeps making hoarders jokes, which I am getting angry about, since it’s not hoarder-like at all, it’s just clutter we’ve been too lazy to deal with. Lots to throw out, sell, or store… just we’ve had NO energy to sort it all. Behold:

Oh yea. No joke.

A lot of this is because when B cleaned the living area, he THREW (literally threw) everything into this room that was mine, like shoes.

The pugs were not a fan of the cleaning I was doing.

At the end of my few-hour cleaning? Well I got about 5 trash bags…

And tons of donation bags of clothes… and I’ve barely gone through my wardrobe, sadly.

At the end… it didn’t look much different.

BUT in reality, I got through a lot. I have big plans for the room. While I’d much prefer to take a day off from both jobs and just DO IT, I am going to have to settle for a few hours here and there. Twinner, don’t worry, you WILL have a bed to sleep in when you come visit. (Yes, my TWINNNNNNER is coming to visit me after a year and a half of being blog besties and talking almost every day.) We’re going away this weekend (details to follow) and I’m working both jobs Wednesday and Thursday, but hopefully tomorrow, next week, and the following weekend will allow me to finish.

PS- Lexi (aka the writer at Dishin’ with Edna, an awesome blog you should check out) look what I found within a pocket of a purse…

(Lexi and I went to see this movie early on in our freshman year! And I’m pretty sure I cried for hours and then we went and bought the soundtrack which featured lots of Michael Bolton. I think.)

Stay tuned for other exciting house cleaning details. Looks like it’s shaping up to be the plumbing and feet of August!




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23 08 2010

Pete’s requirement to get the dog was that the entire house had to be clean. That every single thing had to have a place to go. Although that’s not quite true with the laundry room (we still need shelving) he finally beat the hoarder out of me in the quest to get a dog.

It was needed.

I love the photo with the little pug toy in the middle of the room. I had a freak out and thought it was one of your little guys stuck. Then I saw their photo, and gosh darn they are cute.

23 08 2010

LOL, I love how the pups are all squashed together on the recliner! Too cute!

PS-I totally feel ya though. We just went through massive cleaning out of clutter {not so much because we had the energy to, but because those damn bed bugs infested everything} and the new spacious-ness of our apartment has changed my outlook on everything!

23 08 2010

Your cleaning totally inspired me! I mean I don’t think you wanted to but when I thought of what could be living in my clutter I was like, uh, maybe I should clean too.

23 08 2010

I just did this! It took me eight months! Cleaning out a room like that is hard work, man. I don’t care what anyone says. All of our wedding crap was in a spare room and all kinds of other junk, and yeah. I know what you mean. Good job!

23 08 2010

Uugghhhh cleaning/organizing. I love organization, but HATE to do it for myself. It feel so good afterward, but getting there is just terrible. I still have a bunch of stuff that hasn’t been unpacked yet from when I moved and everyday I look at it and say “Today is the day!” But then I get on Twitter and that goes to hell. One of these days.

Anyway, you definitely made some progress and that’s great! Baby steps 🙂

23 08 2010

Ummm… I should show you pictures of our porch – the apt itself is clean – because every.single. thing. for this wedding is on our covered porch. I actually did take pics & thought about posting it.

You get serious credit for the fact that your wedding gown is hanging up. My MOH has hers at the bottom back of her hall closet, stuffed into a black garbage bag. LOL

Oh & stuff to get rid of?? Sounds like a giveaway to me!! 🙂

23 08 2010

Ohmygod, I always have that moment where I go “Holy-shit-I-just-spent-the-last-3-hours-getting-rid-of-crap-why-does-it-look-the-same!?!?”
Our spare room/office is a freaking disaster. I’m too ashamed to post it. Mostly because I’m not ready to attack it just yet. I’m convinced it will consume me.

24 08 2010

LOVE IT. We also went to Wal-Mart and bough posters. And laminated them. Oh I miss those days….. Good job cleaning! I can’t wait to see more after pics! (Can’t wait to share my bathroom pics with you….you’re gonna be amazed!) Also, did you see about me red velvet cheesecake victory tonight?

24 08 2010

So in the first picture, the brown wicker, is that a picnic set? I have the same one! Know how many picnics I’ve been on with that set? 0. But one day, one day I will go on a picnic and use my beautiful picnic set! Maybe next week at Music on the Prairie we can bring it along! 🙂

24 08 2010

In our first house I ALWAYS had huge meltdowns about how we had no room, no space and absolutely NO privacy. It was soooo small and we had so much crap. Good for you for taking the time to do this!! I can barely muster the motivation to clean anymore.

24 08 2010
Laura, your freakin' bestie!

Uhm. You win. Can I show this to Brad so he can realize it can always be a smidge worse? You’ve inspired me. Cleaning posts coming soon. 🙂

24 08 2010

Oh sweet Christ on a cracker.

That scared me, Twinner! I mean… I would have slept in there anyway, because I love you… but thank you for organizing!

Really though, please don’t feel the need to do all of this because I am coming! I am SO not going to judge, and if things are messy, I shall just sleep in between you and B.


25 08 2010

It already looks so much better! You’ll be there in no time.
It’s about time I go through my own closet for donation clothes. I love doing that. (Although it makes me a little sad sometimes too because lots of what I donate is stuff that is too small for my fat ass to fit into anymore.)

25 08 2010

Oh man. I clean almost every day, and there is ALWAYS something piled up/in need of organizing. I haven’t felt 100% moved into our new place yet, and its been 3 full months. It seems like I put everything away/make it look nice, and then in less than 24 hours it is in shambles again. Ugh!

26 08 2010

First of all, I LOVE the stuffed pug item that is in the first picture peeking out of the pile! We have the same problem though–our house is a guest house and there is absolutely no storage! Our spare room looked like that until I had to clean it out for people coming in town for the wedding, but then I just shoved a lot of it in a crawl space in the back of the closet, so really I’ve got a lot left to do. Probably by about the time our lease is up I’ll finally have the house livable. You’re not alone in the world of small cluttered houses!

14 09 2010
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