Lipstick Me

24 08 2010

I Never. Ever. Wear. Lipstick.

The only pictures I have of myself in noticeable lipstick are costume parties. (Like Halloween last year:)

(Billy Mays and Flo! Sadly my lipstick was almost all rubbed off by then.)

I think it looks weird on my ultra-thin lips. I got used to wearing super sheer lip glosses and never really strayed.

Some of my coworkers (a group of them are age 65+, so you’ll see where I’m going) wear lipstick EVERY DAY. As many women in that age group do. And some of the lipstick is really pretty! I get a little jealous. Finally one day I was all, why don’t I do this? Why don’t I wear lipstick every day?

Oh, right, cause I’m scared of it. And think it looks ridiculous on me.

So I decided to make September LIPSTICK MONTH. Where I will wear it every day.

And seeing that I have practically no lipsticks, that’s not gunna be easy.

Lay your lipstick knowledge on me. Favorite brands? Colors? Tips? Shades that would look good on me? COUPONS? (They’ll be necessary!)

Expect weekly check-ins while I take the lipstick fear head-on!




24 responses

24 08 2010

Definitely buy from places that will let you return them if you don’t like them! It’s difficult to find the right shades, texture, etc. Some of the smell or taste bad, some dry your lips out or fall right off or feather…just make sure they’ll allow you to return them. And I recommend a lip brush for those of us with small lips…You can follow your lipline more naturally than if you use the actual tube of lipstick.

Discount brands: I really like Loreal and Max Factor

Dept Store brands: I like Clinique (they have GREAT sheers) and Lancome.

24 08 2010

Any of the Viva Glam colors from MAC looks awesome on everyone…I don’t know if you are ruling out glosses and sticking with actual lipstick only, but I think they have them in lipstick version too. My friend regifted a free Mary Kay gift to me last year with a lipstick called “Merlot”. You can only imagine how that looked…considering it was dark burgundy. FML.

24 08 2010

Your lips are really not that thin, girl! A great and affordable stay on lipstick that does not dry out the lip and looks good in all colors is L’Oreal Infallible LipColour. The ,a href=””>Teaberry 200 would look stunning on you!

One great tip: Find a lipliner that is the exact same color of your lip. Line your entire lip and fill it in. It really helps the lip and/or gloss stay put. And that same lip liner will work with pinks, reds, browns or corals. It is all about the right lipliner to line your natural lip and to keep the color in place.

People think they need a lipliner to match every lip and they are so wrong. Wear color! I love color! Find colors that make you feel good. You could totally rock a peachy coral too!

24 08 2010

This is why I love my wedding make up artist. Thanks Crystal! I had totally forgotten my resistance and hesitation that you tried to beat out of me at the makeup trial. (At the wedding we went WAY more subdued, FYI.) Hopefully you will be SO IMPRESSED with my lipstick savvy-ness come October!

24 08 2010

I rarely wear lipstick either! When I do, it’s always Clinique (Try Creamy Nude). Otherwise, I’m in lip gloss and a light liner (Stila makes really nice, long lasting, liners).

24 08 2010

Ooh! I love this. I wear lipstick for date night only and makeup then too. Do you want a buddy? I could try to wear makeup/lipstick everyday and post it on my life blog, if ya want.

24 08 2010

I, too, am not a lipstick person. Very .. deathly afraid of it. I just stick with tinted lip balm or gloss. I think if you start wearing it more consistently then people will comment and notice, especially if you find the right color.

24 08 2010

There is this bobbi brown (who I know you love) color that is amazing. I’m too tired to find it right now, I think it’s blackberry something. I’ll come back with it.

25 08 2010

I’m so not feminine – I never put anything on my lips. As a result, they’re usually chapped pretty horribly. But if I had a job that I actually got to physically interact with humans, I might jump on this bandwagon with you!

25 08 2010

Good luck, I’m not a wearer of lipstick either. I’m hardly a wearer of makeup, I just do the Victoria Secret lip glosses. Looking forward to updates and pictures! 🙂

25 08 2010

I love this challenge! I’m totally not a lipstick wearer…I stick with glosses and things. Recently a friend who works for Sephora sent me a ton of awesome goodies she had access to for cheap and included lipsticks. If you want them, you’re welcome to them just to try. 🙂 That means you’ll have to see me though, as I think they’d melt in the mail to Indy!

25 08 2010

I NEVER wear lipstick either! The last time I wore real lipstick, I wore red to my high school prom (I had on a black and white dress and wore a red flower in my hair). The most I ever wear is some Clinique tinted gloss. Maybe I should try your lipstick September too. But I just feel like I look foolish in lipstick! Why do others look so good (especially to ones that wear red or dark colors… not such a fan of the pinky pinks) and I feel like I look ridiculous?

25 08 2010

I love Clinique and Mary Kay. I l probably love Mary Kay more because I used to sell it (not like crazy MK ladies, but I sold it to friends and family for cheap). I just wanted the discount. Their skin care line is the only thing that works on my skin, but that is a completely different story.

My favorite Mary Kay color is Shell (or Toffee). It’s a pretty neutral color that looks great on most folks. I wore Appleberry on my wedding day, but it was a touch bright so I don’t wear it very often. My other fav is the Tinted Lip Balm in “Blush.” That is my every day lipstick. I leave it at my desk at work. I also love Apricot Breeze with Gold Rush lip gloss over it. LOVE IT! I’m thinking about selling Mary Kay again just because I miss my discount.

My favorite Clinique color is Creamy Nude (I think).

25 08 2010

I used to sell MK too! And I love LOVE appleberry.

25 08 2010
Stacy Marie

I never wear lipstick either! Keep me posted, maybe I’ll venture into the world of lipstick if it works for you. I never wear anything but Burt’s Bees, but I wore lipgloss on our wedding day. Ever since, if I go near Ryan trying for a kiss, he backs up, looks horrified and says “you aren’t wearing that LIP STUFF again, are you?”

25 08 2010

This girls has not worn lipstick since her wedding!

This is very interesting, Twinner! It’s going to be fun! You will take pics of yourself in the lipstick, yes?

25 08 2010

I never wear it either. I’m more of a lip liner & gloss/chapstick girl. I 2nd whoever said Bobbi Brown. Also, BB was once on Oprah like a gazillion years ago & said that Wet & Wild #666 is the best lip liner out there & it compliments every skin tone. At 99c you can bet it’s 1 of my favorites. I think MAC makeup is too heavy but some of my girlfriends swear by it. interesting little experiment you got here – looking forward to updates. 😉

25 08 2010

Totally with you! Never wear it…..sooooo, I have absolutely no useful information to provide. Fail! LOL. 😉

PS- I wanna see some journals kj!!!!!

25 08 2010

I know I already said this but…again: MAC’s Viva Glam V is my fave! I also have SUPER thin lips (I pretty much have NO top lip whatsoever)…so bold colors really look….bizarre. MAC’s High Tea is also a fave of mine…but I’m not sure if that is discontinued at this point. When I wear a full face of makeup (actually put on eyeshadow, liner, etc) it is usually a smoky eye, so I tend to pick more nude/light lips.

26 08 2010

By the way, LOVE that you were Flo for Halloween. I have a friend that looks and kind of acts like Flo (she was like that before we knew about Flo though – in her defense). It’s pretty darn funny!

26 08 2010

I’m a serious lover of lipstick/stain/gloss. Serious. MAC lipstick is wonderful but pricey. Avon and Mary Kay are decent and affordable. If you want to ease yourself in on the cheap, try Hard Candy lip stain. — pretty stain with minty fresh gloss! LOL It’s sold at WalMart for 6 bucks or so. Can’t wait to see your lipstick adventures!

26 08 2010
Aubrey @ My Simple Everyday

Such a great halloween costume! You’re so cute!!

Sorry, I’m not much of a lipstick wearer, too.. must be our generation, huh?

So, why am I commenting if I have nothing good to tell ya? Hmm.. dunno. I say go with everyone’s suggestions. They sound cool.

26 08 2010

OMG those costumes are awesome!!!
Personally I don’t wear lipstick. Like ever. Gloss only. My very favorite is Philosophy glosses that come in the tube applicators. I have a vanilla cupcake one right now and it smells nice, plus it makes my lips super fab sparkle shiny. Love it.

27 08 2010

I am so all about that costume. I, too, am a make-your-own-costume kind of gal, and I’m impressed. Kudos.

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