I love Friends & Family

27 08 2010

…Old Navy friends & family, that is!

We are leaving for Saint Louis shortly, so yesterday I used my friends & family 30% off coupon. I shared it with anyone on Twitter who wanted it this week. It’s 30% off everything, including CLEARANCE!

I’m in too much of a rush with packing to take pictures of myself in everything. But here’s a list:

  • Navy shirt with eyelet ruffle sleeves, $16.50, clearanced for $9.49.
  • Purple polo with green collar, $14.50, clearanced for $8.99.
  • Lightweight dark turquoise shirt, $24.50, clearanced for $10.99
  • Lavender square neck shirt, $24.50, clearanced for $5.97
  • Two t-shirts (that will remain descriptionless since one is a gift) $19.50 each, $39.00 total.
  • Dreamer dark wash boot-cut denim, $34.50, weekly sale price $25.00
  • Pink striped dog polo shirt, originally $9.50, clearanced for $0.97.

I had a budget of $75. The total I would have paid for all these items if I went in without a coupon would have been $100.41 pre tax. And it ended up being, after my 30% off friends & family coupon, $70.29! After tax my total was $75.21. So only 21 cents over budget!

The pug polo put me over.

But look!

She’s just like her mom!

Seriously the polo was perfect for Sophie. It was the only dog shirt on clearance. It says “good girl!” on the bottom.

Pops her collar, natch.

Anyway, Dixie was really jealous, but she can’t pull off a pink popped polo.

Next time, Dixie and Harley!

Can you spot the jealous pugs in the above picture?

I hope you all will stop by Gap, Old Navy, or Banana and use your discount too!




6 responses

27 08 2010

Sophie looks THRILLED.

27 08 2010

I’m so excited to use my discount! Love that it’s off clearance too!

27 08 2010


You are the CUTEST baby girl in the world!!!!! (Oh, you too Dixie! Don’t be sad, k?)

Auntie Twinner

27 08 2010

Too cute. Nuff said.

27 08 2010

Love that polo!!! And love the discount – thanks friend 😀

31 08 2010

This makes my heart melt. What lovely puglets you have!

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