Lipsticktember Begins!

1 09 2010


Today started Lipsticktember! AKA the month where I wear lipstick every day.

Clearly the most important thing you’ve heard all day, no?

Anyway, long story short, it was WEIRD. But let me backtrack…

These are my ONLY lip products before this week. A benefit bene-tint two-sider set (which I like, but the gloss is EH and the color barely stays long enough to justify it’s price; a tube of some generic fruit flavored gloss, some lip-injection light pink gloss since I LOVED lip venom and then lost it so I had to buy something similar, and my ONE AND ONLY lipstick from Sephora, that my mom got me for Christmas. It’s not very bold, and I have worn it (but not meaningfully or memorably) so I’m going to limit it’s use in Lipsticktember to just “I haven’t showered but I need to go to the store” days.

I was at Meijer getting a prescrip and ended up getting two lipsticks!

It would be a pink shade from a brand that the Pioneer Woman LOVES. My blog buddy Em pointed it out to me on Twitter. (Maybelline Color Sensational Lipcolor in Pinkalicious.) The other is also Maybelline. It’s what I wore with the red Halloween costume lipstick, just a different shade. This was a bold one for me! I described it as sort of a brick color. I liked the irredesence. (Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor in Cherry.)

I wore the Cherry color today. How did it go? I think it was hard. It felt weird having lipstick on my lips and I kind of licked it off annoyingly. I had to reapply twice during my 14 hour day (both jobs) and when THIS lipstick rubs off, it’s not good. The Superstay lipstick is a liquid lipstick that you let dry then put on a clear coat. It’s bold and has great staying power (I’d say good for a party, somewhere where you’re distracted and not licking at your now-dry lips) but that just means when it rubs off…. you’re left with like, a ring of color. So I felt stupid. If you aren’t going to be able to be near a mirror for re-application, I don’t recommend Superstay. But if you want bold, stays-there coverage…. it’s AWESOME. Didn’t rub off on ANYTHING (I guess except my tongue from licking my stupid lips!?) Seriously though, my straws/utensils stayed clean.

Here’s a pic from first thing this AM at work:

ME LIKEY! Onto the next one. My coworkers are cheering me on… what color will I wear/buy next?!?

ps- still no lipstick donations. WEIRD. I really wish I had friends of lipstick-sharing caliber in a 15 mile radius!




19 responses

1 09 2010

KJ I’m going to go to the store and buy you one and mail it to you. So email me your address.
I’m totally loving this idea and need to support the cause! I NEVER wear lipstick, so I want to see how this turns out for you =]
Seriously though…email me!

1 09 2010

You look SO pretty! Maybe I should try lipstick!

1 09 2010

I like this color. Fan.

1 09 2010

Love Love the Color! And I saw the PW post and thought of you as well! And I would SO TOTALLY mail you some lipstick….except for that I think it would melt coming from NH…. 😦

1 09 2010

In all honesty (this may be my first time not being an a-hole in a comment on your blog) you look REALLY really pretty. Not many people can pull off that color and you, my dear, and doing it amazingly well. Like, you should just stop there because I think you’ve found *your color*.

1 09 2010

omg EFF ME. That should say:

“You, my dear, ARE doing it amazingly well.” Kill me.

2 09 2010

You look awesome!!!!! What a great color on you!! Makes me wonder more about lipstick for myself..hmm…hopefully we’ll get together in mid Sept and I’ll be able to provide some options for later in the month πŸ˜‰

2 09 2010

Looks fabulous darling!

2 09 2010

Aaaah!!! I love it! You look adorable!!! I wonder if there’s a red that I could pull off… Maybe you’ll inspire me to try lipstick this month!

2 09 2010

You look great!! I want to look good in lipstick!! You have inspired me to try it… one day. Keep it up!

2 09 2010

LOVE the challenge of it all…and that color looks FABULOUS on you!!! Can’t wait to see more.

2 09 2010

You look awesome!

2 09 2010

Loving it!!! I also have one of the Maybelline color sensational sticks! Good choice!

And dang girl go get yourself some MAC viva glam like I told you πŸ˜‰ Its the bestest.

2 09 2010

You look great with that color of lipstick! You’ll get used to it in no time and then become obsessed like me–I have to put lipstick on to even get up from my desk and go to the restroom at work!

3 09 2010

Good luck with your adventure this month!

3 09 2010

You look GORGEOUS, omg I love it! I just bought a lip trio from Bare Minerals or Essentials whatever its called from Ulta….I got the bronze collection (there are 3, one is a nude set, one is a mauve set, and then the bronze) it was 30 bucks (ick.) comes with a lipstick, a liner and a gloss. I love so far, perfect fall color!

3 09 2010

Thanks MK! I have a 20% of Bare Escentuals coupon so I might have to check that out…

3 09 2010

You look great in that color! I might have to give this a try in October! I hate wearing lipstick, totally a chapstick type girl.

8 09 2010
Laura L

So I totally forgot I was supposed to do this with you 😦 And now I’m 8 days behind so I think it’s pointless… did you stick with it? Yes I’m JUST now catching up on your blog. I haven’t read ONE blog in over a week, your blog is first on my to do πŸ™‚

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