2 09 2010

It’s a pug-in-nook kind of day.

Yesterday I worked both jobs. Some 2-job days are better than others. This was one of the less-good ones. So today, I was kind of blah. My feet hurt, and I didn’t get a lot of sleep. (More snoring and more subconscious bed shaking…. I even took a video to show B how it sounded. Actually I say in the video that it will be used as evidence when I kill him. Then I say that he needs to buy me earplugs or leave the TV on, and that I’m so exhausted, I’m actually unimpressed. Clearly, I was tired.)

So my blah-ness today led me to a lack of blogging material. This doesn’t happen often but when it does, it hits hard. I know I have the NJ recap to do, but it’s such a huge, picture-heavy post, that I don’t have the energy right now.

My next Old Navy day is pretty much all night Saturday. Boo hiss. So maybe NJ post tomorrow?

I wanted to tell you all that I really don’t think you all know how much your comments mean to me. They help my blah days feel full of love and happiness. They break up my day and make this all so worthwhile. I really can’t believe people tune in for my lil ole blog!

Anyways… right now, I am catching up on some favorite beers and shows with my hubby. Who I didn’t see at ALL yesterday. He was up early, before I woke up, then was asleep before I got home. B sent me the most loving texts about how much he missed me, and it’s wonderful to just veg and enjoy his company.

Oh, and of course, the company of three pugs.

One of whom likes to put her head right in the armpit/boob nook that you get while your arm is up.

In the pictures I took, you can see her scar right next to her right eye (on your left) and above her nose fold. It stretches across her fold and up a bit, where it looks a little dark pink. Sophie had cancer. She had a Mast Cell Tumor that was detected stage one. It came after Dixie had a similar stage 1 tumor removed from on her butt-hole. LITERALLY. Dixie likes to keep it awkward. Both were removed successfully and both my girls are survivors. I feel sad for them when I see their scars, but look at Sophie… she doesn’t know.

All she knows is that she’s perfect. And I agree.




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2 09 2010

Aw, poor Sophie and Dixie. 😦 I’m glad they were treated and are okay now. Sorry about your long days, also. I kind of want to get a part time job when I get a full time job, but I’m worried about the time commitment and lack of time with the baldy.

2 09 2010

She is perfect! All the pugs are. Did you rescue them? Andrew and I are really wanting to rescue one soon. And I love your blog! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better one for you. Happy Thursday!

2 09 2010

Yes ma’am! I did a post in April or May about the little pugs (click the pug category to check) and how I am one of those really really obnoxious rescue people who will tell a stranger that they should rescue. Or if someone blogs/posts about wanting a puppy from a breeder or pet store I GO OFF ON THEM and give them links to rescues in their area for the type of dog they want. I don’t care if people hate me… it’s all about saving dogs. And it actually helps people too because you KNOW their personality before they even get to your house! And none of that peeing-every-hour puppy stuff!

See, here I go again.

Are you wanting to rescue a pug??!!?!?! Or just a dog in general?

3 09 2010

A pug for sure! We are obsessed pug people but our first pug had some major health problems and he passed away at age 2. We just adopted Sawyer our pound hound and we’re waiting for him to grow (calm down) a bit before we add a rescue pug to the mix.

2 09 2010

LOVE the pug pics 🙂 I want to live vicariously through you until I’m able to have a lifestyle that will allow me to have dogs!

And what is this tease? You mention a video of the snoring and then don’t post it for us?!?!

2 09 2010

LOL it’s not more than just those things I said and some background snoring. And just black screen. SOOOOO not interesting. Plus his snoring doesn’t need to be all over the internets.

2 09 2010
rachel s

That lil gal is just too cutie pa tootie for words! Yeah for the obnoxious rescue folks out there…you should hear me at the dog park when someone mentions maybe dropping 2000 big ones for a “pure” bred. I’m all like “what is this, Harry flippin Potter world?”!

2 09 2010

Wait. How did you know about these tumors? Did the vet find them? Now you have me worried I wouldn’t know about these kinds of things…..

2 09 2010

Lex- I found them, vet confirmed. Dixie had a tiny white dot- like a mole, but white- when we got her. One day it started puffing up, itching, and oozing a bit, and would sort of grow and shrink depending if it was handled. These are typical mast cell tumor signs. It was about the size of a pea at it’s worst. The vet removed it and biopsy confirmed mast cell.

Sophie’s was worse because it was hidden in a fold. When cleaning her face I found a tiny bump. Layer, like Dixie’s, it got bigger, oozed, and grew/shrank. The vet was actually able to take a sample with a needle and see in the microscope that it was a mast cell. She commended me for finding it because it was hidden and still quite early. Both of their bumps were definitely bumps, not like nipples or anything. It was like a tiny pea on their skin, or a really gnarly zit.

Luckily for you, it’s more common in dogs like Bostons, Pugs, Frenchies, and Boxers. It’s more of a genetic predisposition, kind of like the Irish and skin cancer.

2 09 2010

I’m glad your doggies are ok. Sophie is pretty darn perfect. I think we need to put together a plan as to why I should get a pug. If you need a blog post idea, I think that is an awesome one. 🙂

2 09 2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Extra love for blah days. Plus, I may or may not have had a few beers tonight. You know, it’s Thursday.

But who could even see a scar when there’s a cute little pink tongue oozing out of a pug face like that?! 5x love to the puggies too!

3 09 2010

🙂 Glad to add some sunshine to your day! Love reading your posts and looking at your cute pugs. I send them to D sometimes and he always replies “Only a mother could love that face” but I do too! Have a great weekend.

3 09 2010

That face is too cute!! My dog Buddy comes up and snuggles with me like that sometimes, but he doesn’t have the wrinkledy face like Sophie (but I still think its super cute!) Hope your day today is better than yesterday. Its Friday!

And I am going to go home and search my baby for bumps… I’m a little bit of an overreactor. In January, I was convinced Buddy had fleas, took him to the vet, called someone to bomb the apartment… but apparently he just had an itch and some dirt on him instead of being completely infested with the 900 fleas and their millions of babies that I told the vet about.

3 09 2010

“In January, I was convinced Buddy had fleas, took him to the vet, called someone to bomb the apartment… but apparently he just had an itch and some dirt on him instead of being completely infested with the 900 fleas and their millions of babies that I told the vet about.”


3 09 2010

Kelly, my Lena had ass cancer too. The thing that sucked was it would blow up and go back down before the vet could see it. A full year before she was officially diagnosed I had her in the vet but my regular vet wasn’t there and the woman who was filling in said it was “no big deal” and not to worry about it. MCT’s release histamine so she ALWAYS had a cold/watery eyes, etc and I *knew* something wasn’t right but they told me not to worry and I never dreamed it was related to the bump on her booty-hole.

Fast forward a year and she was in for her regular shots and it happened to be puffed up so I had my regular vet look at it. He lied to me (because he knows how I am) and said it was “probably fine” but that he wanted to go ahead and remove it in case it was uncomfortable for her. A few days later the biopsy came back and it was cancer AND he didn’t get all of it. She had to go back in for another surgery less than a week after the first. (Then she ripped her stitches because they annoyed her — oy vey that girl was a bitch!)

Obviously you know how the whole thing ended. I’m so thankful for you that you caught the tumor(s) early enough to avoid more issues. Poor Lena didn’t stand a chance because we didn’t catch it before it spread throughout her body. Thank God you caught it when you did!!! I’m an obsessive freak now when the pugs get “colds” because I know that’s one of the major signs of a mast cell tumor.

xoxo to your sweet girls and to you for being an awesome pug mama!

3 09 2010

I say this every time you post a pug pic (“post a pug pic”…say that 10 times fast), but I CAN’T HANDLE the tongues!!! Seriously, I think I’m a pug tongue addict. Love them.

Also, I read your mini-rant about rescue animals and again, 10000% agree. I was in PetSmart yesterday and made the really REALLY big mistake of looking at the adoption center where there were like 10 itty bitty kittens and I wanted them ALL. Some of them were rescued from those kill shelters 😦 Anyway, you’ll always have my support whenever you talk about rescue vs. breeders.

5 09 2010

Just a battle scar, you know? Makes them dashing!

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