Puggy Vids

5 09 2010

Consider these the pugs’ vlogs.

I feel like I’ve been a little pug-heavy lately, but I can’t help it… they’re so photogenic (and… videogenic?)

Fellow pug-lover Christiana (aka Ms D’orsay on Weddingbee) tweeted this to me today:

So, lucky for you all, I decided to oblige and video them! Since today was the perfect opportunity.

B and I had lunch with his amazing Aunt and Uncle. And then I requested to go to Trader Joe’s. B convinced me to stop home first because he had some stuff to do. I said: “After doing what you need to do, you are going to sit on the recliner, have a pug in your lap, and magically fall under their spell into a deep sleep.” He promised that this scenario would never happen.

I bet you can guess what happened?

So without further adieu, the pug videos:

Here’s Harley, chewin’ on his alligator!

And Sophie and Dixie, being weird:

I’m still waiting on Trader Joe’s. Updates to follow.




11 responses

5 09 2010

This is so funny!!! I love your doggies:) They make my day!

5 09 2010

I love when you post pug videos šŸ™‚ Kisses to the pugs from me, Harry & LuLu!

6 09 2010

Love the pug videos! Rob always promises me he’ll stay awake if we watch a movie. Husbands lie!

6 09 2010

I’m the same way about my hound dog. He’s just too precious!

6 09 2010

Ok that second video and the licking of the pugpit? I just can’t endorse that. Cute, but in a very messed up way. Keep the pug videos coming, though! I love them!!

6 09 2010

Lol, what the crap is Sophie doing??! Such silly pups.

6 09 2010
Christiana (us meets uk)

haahah, thanks for posting them, your dogs are adorable!

6 09 2010

Awww this just made my afternoon. Such cutie pies!

6 09 2010

OMG! So cute! I want to learn how to post crazy videos of my dog Buddy!

6 09 2010

Haha, this literally made me laugh out loud! Sweet pugs!

7 09 2010
Alexandra the Tsaritsa

Hey! I gave you an award on my blog– check it out šŸ™‚

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