Fall = Stuffing

7 09 2010

So, back to bloggin’! I was working a lot this weekend, but I’m sure you guys were all off at BBQ parties and such, so hopefully no one noticed.

After watching something about some great chili restaurant on TV, I decided that chili- without beans- sounded good. Like Skyline Chili has. We decided to head there for dinner. Skyline’s chili is really smooth… seeing that it’s the lumps of… ugh, items?… in soups and chilies that turn me off, I thought it would be a winner winner chili dinner.

I was sadly mistaken.

Did you know what weird spice they put in their chili?


To me… cinnamon = sweet. And all savory uses of it are gross. To Big Daddy, savory cinnamon is great. He’s part Lebanese. Apparently I would NEVER like Lebanese food. I’m fine with that.

My taste buds were assaulted by the cinnamon flavor and I couldn’t eat more than two bites.

So we went and picked up some beers.

Some Leinenkugel Oktoberfest and New Belgium Brewing Company’s Hoptober. What season am I all hopped up on right now?

Fall. Autumn. Whatever you want to call it.

And do you know what happens when summer turns to fall?

I become a FREAK for stuffing. (Some of you might know it as dressing. But I call it STUFFING. Right to your FACE.)

(Em, you’re right, I do use a lot of capitalized words for emphasis.)

But here’s my weirdness (like there aren’t enough already.) I will only eat PLAIN stuffing. If there is so much as a stray dehydrated celery piece in there, I will NOT EAT A BITE. (I’m looking at you, Stovetop!) Seriously, don’t be all insulted when I don’t eat your homemade stuffing with nuts and cranberries and lemur tears. I only like my stuffing from a bag. And this is that bag:

Pepperidge Farms with the BLUE bag. Not the cornbread, not the white bread. The white/wheat mix in the BLUE BAG.

I only like stuffing that is straight up buttery, soggy bread. Butter, stock, and bread. Sogged up to my liking. It’s disgusting how much I will eat. By the end of the winter, B has to literally drag me past it in the grocery store.

Luckily for me, he goes on business trips in the fall/winter and then I sit home and eat this.

YUM! Soggy bread aka ❀ Stuffing <3, a hoptastic beer, and a very dirty toaster. Yea, sorry about that.

Now I just have to convince B that we really need to watch the RHONJ Reunion Show Part 2 that I recorded while working last night. Wish me luck. Two out of three ain’t bad though.

PS- true life, we share our 99.9% empty beer bottles with the pugs.

Sophie? Serious alcoholic. Look for her on an upcoming Intervention episode.

PPS- regarding Cinnamon… VOTE!




28 responses

7 09 2010

A lot of Greek food uses cinnamon in savory dishes too, including my favorite, Pastitsio. Chili with cinnamon sounds AMAZING to me!

7 09 2010


7 09 2010

1. Cinnamon is DELICIOUS as a rub. And no one ever knows about it because its our secret ingredient. But I know none of my real life friends read my comments so it shall stay a secret.

2. LEINIES ARE MY FAVORITE! I can not begin to express my feelings for leinies. I grew up in Wisco, nuff said.

3. DRESSING. It dresses the turkey. Either way we make delicious home made full of onions, celery, carrots, cranberries and pomegranate. You would hate it.

7 09 2010

I’m on your side!! Cinnamon is for sweet stuff man…

7 09 2010

Oh my god, that last picture is hilarious! I’ve tried to get our cats to drink wine, but they refuse.

And yeah, stuffing….one of my most hated Thanksgiving dishes! Not because of the taste, I actually like that taste, but the texture just grosses me out. But then, I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like textured food or for my food to touch each other!

7 09 2010

I’m so hateful of fall. Thanksgiving is a holiday I fear, because I want to eat almost none of it. It’s impolite to only eat bread (not in the form of stuffing, either) and green beans. I also don’t like not wearing shorts and sundresses. Boo to autumn.

Also – I for serious LMAOed at Lemur Tears. Holy crap are you funny!

7 09 2010

Lurker here who had to come out and comment in defense of the Skyline. As a Cincinnati native, it’s an obsession of mine – but if it makes you feel better, I know a lot of people who hated it at first, and slowly grew to love it. So maybe try it again sometime?

And, trivia fact: the other secret ingredient is chocolate!

love, name twin πŸ™‚

7 09 2010

I LOVE IT NAME TWIN!!!!!!! But I’ll never love cinnamon. I still love EVERYTHING at Skyline that doesn’t have chili on it thought πŸ™‚

7 09 2010

I feel like everytime you and B go out you always come home dissappointed:( and it makes me sad:( they should tell you they put cinnamon in it!! I would never eat it with cinnamon in it!!! crazy!!!

Yes its fall time!! I like stuffing but I like my crispy not soggy:( And I ony really eat it on thanksgiving and than a whole week after that LOL..

as for the beer…ahhhhh octoberfest!!! wooohoooooooo

BTW isnt lou making some beer or something?

7 09 2010

Again, you tempt me with the stuffing! GAH! I’m totally picking some up when I go grocery shopping tomorrow night. And, props for distinguishing between “stuffing” (aka the right way to say it) and “dressing” (which is what you put on a salad).

7 09 2010

I can’t stand sweet things on savory things (except brown sugar bacon…but bacon is the exception to every rule.) The fried chicken I had on my honeymoon was RUINED by that sugary pecan syrupy sauce! And I can’t imagine cinnamon in chili! Ew! I’m totally with you.

7 09 2010

I’ll be honest, when I saw your tweets about stuffing I was disgusted. Stuffing (the kind with nasty celery and carrots and other nasty things) seriously makes me gag. I feel like I’d like your stuffing, though! And now I need to try it!

7 09 2010

So many things to comment about, not the least of which being you mentioned me in this post (which, because I’m a total attention whore, I love.)

1. I hate stuffing. I can’t do it. I also hate bread pudding. To me, they’re the same but with different flavors. However, I do call it stuffing so +1 for me!
2. Lemur tears? Where the eff do you come up with this stuff. God I love you.
3. I like bean-less chili so when Josh makes his famous recipe, I force him to make a separate batch with just meat and spices/sauce. He loves me.
4. Your dog is an alcoholic. My condolences.
5. What are your thoughts on gravy?

7 09 2010

Sigh. Would it be out of line to love you?

Gravy. Eh. I……… have never tried it. It scares the SHIT out of me. Ask me again in 5 years.

(PS- back when I was debilitatingly picky my mom made Kraft Mac-n-Cheese and would have to set aside NAKED NOODLES for me then cheese the rest for my sisters. So I feel for Josh.)

7 09 2010

WHAT?!?!??!?!?! Kelly, let’s get serious. You’ve never tried gravy. SO MANY THINGS WRONG WITH THAT SENTENCE. (I feel like you with the caps.)

Well, my mom makes her gravy out of the turkey drippings (juices and stuff) then adds lots of wine and butter. It’s…well, it’s basically an o.r.g.a.s.m (spelled it out like Jen L. does bc I don’t want to attract creeps to your blog.)

7 09 2010

Well I DEFINITELY don’t like Turkey. We have established that. So I have no idea how to proceed.

7 09 2010

πŸ˜₯ <—What I'm doing right now.

8 09 2010

I think every day I am becoming more and more in love with pugs because of you! Yesterday at CVS, I was looking at all the cute cards with Pugs on them, then I thought maybe that’s why they needed to be rescued, cause people thought they were cute, but then didn’t want to take care of them. Total run-on sentence, but you get my drift. Then I thought about the RHONJ (marathon on last Sunday) and the little puppies they get and that they just want them as an accessory and that’s mean. If I am ever allowed to get a dog, I will definitely get one from the pound or rescue, you do a great job of being an advocate for those dogs!

As for the topic of this post, my mom puts all the guts of the turkey in the stuffing and my brother was eating it saying how good it was, then we told him what was in it and he won’t ever touch it again.

Stuffing and gravy are awesome, you should try it.

8 09 2010

AHHHH Where to start?!

As previously discussed, I use the words stuffing and dressing interchangeably. I will start working on that. Either way, I love it! ALL OF IT. Except my Aunt Twilla’s stuffing, which was always green. No one knew why. Basil? Scary.

I had to cover my eyes and go to church when I read the words ‘chili with no beans’. You have lost your head. BEANS ARE THE FRUITS OF THE GODS. Chili sans beans is MEAT SOUP.

Gag me with a fork.

You always have the best beers! I am looking forward to drinking some of them with you in, oh… 23 days. WHEEEEEEEEE!

8 09 2010

Do you have a Skyline Chili near you? My hubby grew up in Cinncinati and tried to figure out a way in our travels this summer to get near one. Someone in the family had packets so they made it on vacation. It’s not something I would want every day like my husband (his brother worked at Skyline just for the food in high school), but occasionally it is nice. It was the first thing he ever made me for dinner (on New Year’s Day while watching football and looking out at the snow). Personally, I like a 4 way – chili, cheese, onions and spaghetti.

8 09 2010

You know me – I LOVE cinnamon and pumpkin. So anything that has to do with them, I adore. And autumn/fall = best time of the year for sure!!!!

8 09 2010
Laura L

OMG, it’s really bad now. We can’t even have guests drink beer at our house anymore. The second a bottle of beer comes out of the fridge Dakota is IN YOUR FACE. She wants that shit and she has her tongue half way down the bottle at the end of it until the beer bottle begins to fill again with her slobber. Another thing we can’t eat around her? Popsicles. I made the mistake of letting her finish one, one time and she wants to lick them always.

8 09 2010
Dutch The Pug

BOL! Pug Interventions mommie needs to be on that show for her pug crazyness! Mommie is so glad someone else can admit to liking RHONJ, she also DVR’d the finale epsidoes part 1 and part 2!
P.S. We totally get your stuffing issues, we are very choosey about our stuffin too!

9 09 2010

That is my only stuffing!!! OMG I never knew that there would be anyone else on the planet that liked their stuffing boring like I do. I cannot stand having a bunch of random other crap in there. Especially celery. Celery and I are not friends.

Cinnamon in chili sounds disgusting.

9 09 2010

I am so happy that I’m not alone!!!!!!

10 09 2010

Hmmm I eat cinnamon every day…but it is usually in sweet form (on oatmeal, cereal, in cookies, etc). Can’t say that I know of a time that I’ve used it in a savory dish, but gosh darn it now I’m curious….

12 09 2010

MM. How is that octoberfest beer? I love leinenkugels sunset wheat!
Oh. And I like cinnamon but only in baked goods. Like pie. I’m so late on this and I know. Guh. catching up on my blog reads!

12 09 2010

Okay… we really need to get this stupid “no alcohol on Sundays” law revoked or something. We tried to buy a 6-pack of Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest today and we were out of luck!! =(

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