NJ Wedding Celebration Recap

13 09 2010

Whoooa boy. Are you guys in for a ride!

My trip to NJ was PHENOMENAL. We left off here. The next day, August 1, will go down as one of the absolute best days I’ve had. B said he hadn’t seen me that happy or that myself in a while.

And why not? It all started that day with cupcakes!

Since my Mom doesn’t use her AC pretty much ever, they were a little… shiny. But still delicious! I loves me some mini cupcakes!

It was BALLS HOT and I was showing some sweat spots in awkward areas of my dress. (Are you surprised?) Luckily, it began to rain and cooled down. We mostly congregated indoors for the rest of the day.

A bunch of my girl friends live out of state and couldn’t make it, but I still had a good crew! Here are some of my high school girls… Jul, Laur, Jackie, me, Jem, Nic, and Linds.

My boo and I enjoyed some food and beers. I love the shirt he wore. It’s one of my faves.

This is my Aunt Maureen, who threw together the wonderful party! Isn’t she lovely?

Here’s another Aunt Maureen (I have three… Irish much?) and my Uncle Richie, with their GORGEOUS daughter Keri. Who everyone in my family is obsessed with. My cousins range in age from almost 30 to 2. We’re a huge family.

Two more cousins… John and Matt.

Keri was a little grump most of the time but we were still all excited to see her. Here she is with her Dad Richie and our Uncle Jimmy.

A few of my college girls came too… here’s my sorority sister Mel and her boyfriend Sean!

I also had some family from my Dad’s side there. Everyone to this point has been a part of my Mom’s huge family. This is my sister Rosh with my cousin Amanda. Her Dad is my Dad’s brother.

Here are two of my Dad’s biological brothers. My uncle Jim on the left and my uncle Bill on the right. Put them together and they ARE my dad, looks wise. Sometimes it’s hard to see them and think so much of my dad. Billy is my Godfather and walked me down the aisle at my wedding!

There were also family friends present… my Mom’s best friend Helen is a HUGE part of my family’s life. Her hubby Jack is awesome too!

Here’s Helen, Jack, me, B, and my Mom! Mommers introduced Helen to Jack, since Jack worked with my Mom and they both came to our Christmas party one year. It sure worked out well!

My sister Rosh with me and B. My other sister Min couldn’t come since her boyfriend was running a Triathlon out of state – they scheduled it before we scheduled the party.

My Aunt Maureen and her sister, my Aunt Susie. This actually led to a hilarious story.

Susie is one of my heroes. Her sister-in-law, my Aunt Carolyn (married to Jimmy, pictured earlier) needed a liver transplant after an illness got a lot worse. Susie gave half her liver to Carolyn, and both are thriving! When it happened I thought it was amazing, but now, being married, and realizing it was not just two aunts but a women and her sister-in-law. Her SIL. I can’t say that I would do that! That’s huge!

The funny story comes in when they were all discussing Susie’s recent injury. It has been four or so years since the surgery, and her liver is still much smaller than a normal one. She tore her diaphragm while doing some renovations and because her liver wasn’t there to block them, some intestines went through the hole in her diaphragm.

And at the party? My friends kept hearing about my aunt who “tore her diaphragm.” And wondered what the big deal is. Or how it was appropriate to talk about at family parties. Thinking it was a form of birth control, not a body part!

Moving on… we’re cute!

It got nicer out, thankfully. Nic and Buzz enjoyed the outdoors.

This are some of my favorite girls… Jem, Nic, me, Buzz, Jackie, and Linds. They all still live in NJ and I am insanely jealous.

I gave Buzz some boobie love… sine I know it makes her feel awkward.

Nic and Jem posed in their adorable outfits…

And then I tried to pose for a pic with Jackie but we fell.

A slightly better version on the couch…

I tried really hard that night to get Keri to like me more. Apparently she preferred the plastic tubs.

Yep, she adored them.

I got some last pictures in with my cousins Amanda and Katie, who I see far too infrequently but catch up with on Facebook lots.

Then Katie broke the sliding door. Not really, it was already broken, but we let her think that.

And when Keri put on a pair of heels (aided by my Aunt Kathy) we knew it was time to call it a night!

I had the absolute best time. I laughed and ate great food (including my grandma’s meatball recipe, for the first time.) B and I left with arms full of thoughtful presents and heads full of wonderful memories.




14 responses

13 09 2010

You looked SO cute! Love love love your dress and hair flower! And Nic’s shirt? I need it. I’m so glad you had such a good time – You could totally tell in the pictures how happy you were!!

13 09 2010

Wow. That story about donating the liver to the SIL? Amazing. Just…..amazing.

13 09 2010

SO FUN! That dress looks SO good on you. The cut is perfect. Also love the hair flower placement and the blonde. Basically, you looked awesome.

My favorite line: “I was showing some sweat spots in awkward areas of my dress. (Are you surprised?)”

It made me lol and cock my head to the side a bit like “Really? You’re just gonna put that out there? Ok!”

I’m glad you had such a good time. The pics really do show how much you’re enjoying yourself 🙂

13 09 2010

First of all, it is so very pretty out there! I didn’t realize NJ could be so pretty. It gets a pretty bad rap 😦

So glad you had fun. So very happy for you!

14 09 2010

I love how happy you look – and how much fun to get to celebrate all over again with the people who couldn’t make it to the main event! And I totally want to visit NJ now!

14 09 2010

Looks fantastic KJ! Makes me want to be able to put pictures up. 🙂 So neat you kit with your highschool girlfriends and have such a loving family! Happyness! (I spelled it with a y on purpose)

14 09 2010

I agree that the dress looks REALLY good on you!!! You all look great and I’m glad to see your mom posed for a picture instead of hiding her pretty face!! 😉

14 09 2010
Stacy Marie

How fun Kelly!

14 09 2010

Looks like a good time! Besides, shiny cupcakes are still cupcakes. Nomnomnom. 😀

14 09 2010

Looks like a great little family reunion! And I love your outfit and hair flower, so cute!

14 09 2010

So glad to have made the blog! Let’s do another party like this again soon. miss you!

15 09 2010

what an amazing party! looks like so much fun, love, food and beer–hooray!

15 09 2010

Ummmm… I heart your dress. 😉

16 09 2010

Your outfit is so fabulous! I love love love love love it!

And those cupcakes made me drool. It definitely looks like you guys had a fabulous home town reception! 🙂

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