Air Despair

14 09 2010

A while ago, our Jeep’s AC went out and just blew hot air on B all day. We got it fixed at a hefty price and kept on keepin’ on.

Yesterday, I left work in my super-hot, marinating-all-day-in-the-heat Jeep. And no matter how high I turned the air (all the way to four!!!) it wouldn’t cool down. Which of course meant the air was broken again.

I sweat in places I’ve never sweat- a rare achievement for me. I texted B and we commiserated. I prayed for winter.

Then today? I noticed that B had turned the AC off while driving my car Sunday. All I had to do was turn the dial one left from the blowy icon to the little snowflake blowy icon.

It was a moment of celebration, then also disappointment. In myself, in general. At least I have AC now. Winter, stay away and let autumn have her chance.

-kjpugs on iPhone




5 responses

14 09 2010
Laura L

LOL oh K$… I’ve done the same thing, I still don’t know my car good enough and it’s been like 5 years haha

14 09 2010

Hahahhaha you make me giggle šŸ™‚

14 09 2010

My Mom came up a few weekends ago and was very sad that she had to make the 4 hour drive without a book to listen to. Her CD player was acting up – going to straight to Chapter 4 or 5 and then jumping around. It did this on both books, all the CDs she tried.

I said “did you try a music CD?” She said “I don’t have any in my car” WTH?? “Ok, hmmm. Maybe it needs to be cleaned”. So, we go buy a CD/DVD cleaner. I clean the CD player – it still skips to Chapter 4 or 5 and then bounces around. Music or books.

I notice a little line under the track #. I push the “Random” button. FIXED!!!

I laughed at Mom for the next few days about that šŸ™‚ At least she could enjoy her drive home.

14 09 2010

Thanks for making me smile!

14 09 2010

When I had my Suzuki I would accidentally click on my seat warmer in the middle of summer and have no idea why I had excessive back sweat. Happens to the best (or blondest) of us.

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