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14 09 2010

Nothin’ like a good episode of Hoarders to make you re-visit your spare bedroom project.

And by you, I mean me.

Remember this? Yea, I had let it go a bit, with our St Louis trip and some busy work weekends. But after two Hoarders episodes last night I really got on it and made HUGE progress! (Well, to me anyway.)

I had tons and tons of clothing in my drawers and closet from when I was about 40+ pounds lighter. Ok, maybe 60 pounds lighter. And while I am motivated to do Weight Watchers (with my WW buddy Laura, perhaps?! Cross country?) I shouldn’t be holding onto “skinny clothes” when it will be months and months before fitting into them, if I’m lucky. I gave many of them to Goodwill, but kept any of the nicer pieces I would wear now if they fit.

I purchased three smaller “tubs” from Wal-Mart and put all my too-small clothing in them. My closet was almost empty. See?

This is what’s there now! I started many a load of laundry and have been putting some stuff back. There are about eight inches of closet behind the wall on either side, and it was 100% full before, so you can imagine how much stuff I had to remove. I kept a few ill-fitting dresses in here that I didn’t want folded up in a box for a while. I can’t believe how many stinkin’ hangers I have.

Here’s the view of the rest of the room… please go back and compare to this first.

What’s mostly left now is finishing laundering and sorting my clothing into my newly almost-empty drawers and closet, and then organizing. Lots of items have places they are supposed to be in. For example, I have a craft basket under the bed.

Oh and see that art desk above? We’ll be moving THIS desk there in it’s place:

We’ll probably ditch the hutch part, since it’s annoying anyway. After B got his new laptop recently, we rarely use the desk. We could use the room in the dining room, so bye bye desk! It will be better serving us in the spare bedroom, usable for charging and printing, and maybe bill-paying. But that means I’ll have to move around a bunch of my stuff in the spare room… I see a re-design coming! I will have to measure everything and try out different arrangements on paper.

Oh and one more thing… anyone in need of a neon veil?

It was previously worn by me at my 80’s bachelorette party.

Oh yea. I went there. TWO SUNGLASSES DEEP!

So yea… if anyone wants it, I’ll GLADLY ship it to you. Just want it to have a good home and then be passed on again. Consider it a “giveaway.” First one to comment who really wants it… wins! Go! (Or else the pug gets to keep it, then no one wins!)




14 responses

14 09 2010

I’m quite impressed with your progress! You are getting there… Keep it up!

14 09 2010

Lookin good! Is it just me or does it seem like laundry is NEVER done? Ugh. Good thing I make hubs do it. 😀

14 09 2010

So true. NEVER done. It makes me sad. PS I have had to do my own laundry since I was seven. My dad called my mom “the gestapo.” Now you know why.

14 09 2010

Go you!!! I still have massive crap that I haven’t unpacked from my move 3 months ago. Ugh…just ugh.

As I write this comment no one has called dibs on the veil. As much as I’d love to take it off your hands, I don’t really have a need for it. Maybe you could re-purpose it for Halloween…somehow? I have no idea.

14 09 2010

You should’ve done a clothes giveaway, like Pioneer Woman did! I would’ve taken it all… you know what a clothes horse I am!

Good job with the decluttering- proud of you. I am going through a similar thing… but still would’ve taken “new” clothes. I DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM!

14 09 2010

Ill totally use it kell!

15 09 2010

Oh man, do I need to do that to our spare room/office. And bedroom. And every closet in our house. ‘Hoarders’ terrifies me, but as of yet, has not motivated me. I’m losing the game!

15 09 2010

I used to be a hoarder but Pete kicked that out of me. Actually, he said everything i n the house had to be put away to get Tebow.
Trust me. I spent an entire weekend throwing things away.

15 09 2010

If you don’t get rid of it. I might throw the idea of an 80’s bach party to my friend who is getting married next year. I bet she’d like it (or something similar). I might have to find out where you got it… can’t remember if someone made it or what.

I am trying to lose weight .. again .. and pulled all my jeans out that don’t fit too well (like from frosh year of HS) and put them in another closet. Will I ever be a juniors 13? Doubful but you never know! I just applied for a job as a personal trainer at LA Fitness. ;P

15 09 2010

You are definitely not in the same caliber as the people on Hoarders! You can actually see your floor.

16 09 2010

Ugh…the mess in our apartment is something that I am not sure that I’ll ever conquer. Once I get one thing done, something else explodes over my newly cleaned house. Good job on conquering the clutter!

16 09 2010

Omg, we are watching Hoarders right now! It’s new on Instant Netflix and we’re on episode four. Your spare bedroom looks awesome though and speaking from a fellow tiny house dweller, organization is the key to sanity. Not that we’re organized. We still have a lot of work to do (we have sheets that are so old they hurt to sleep on and they take up a ton of space) but Hoarders has definitely inspired me too. I’m slightly obsessed.

22 09 2010
Laura L

I’m jealous you are ahead of me in the cleaning game. isn’t it funny how we insist on keeping our skinny clothes? over half of mine are that. but let’s be honest, i know damn well if i lost a bunch of weight and got down to my skinny again i would want a new wardrobe… not my old shit!

oh and when are we starting our diet blog? my first ww meeting is this week, so i’m in biznatch! when are you starting? email me.

30 09 2010
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