Lipstick Galore!

15 09 2010

B is out of town on a business trip, which is notsogreat for many reasons, especially when I’m working both jobs, like today. I had to go home for a late lunch to take out those pugs.

Well guess what was waiting for me? A PACKAGE! From my good pug friend Heather!

This is a picture of us with our boys, Harry Pugalicious and Harles.

She’s the pug mom to Harry Pugalicious and LuLu. They live in Alabama and visited us last fall… and will be coming again in about two weeks! But because Heather knows about Lipsticktember and is the sweetest girl ever, she sent me this…

Not for eating, Bugg!

Which was full of THIS…

YEP! Tons and tons of Lancome lipstick samples! SO many that I probably could wear one a day for the rest of Lipsticktember. I am so excited! I wore one called “simmering” today but alas, no pictures due to the hectic 14 hour workday.

A few of you have asked about how Lipsticktember is going, by the way. It’s going great! My lips are more dry than normal, but I’ve kept up with it. My lips have seen lipstick EVERY DAY this month! At the end of the month I’ll do a post with pictures of my favorites and my thoughts about the experiment.

Thanks again Heather for helping along my Lipstick project! Can’t wait to see you in October!




15 responses

15 09 2010

Aw so nice!! I can’t wait to read your recap of Lipsticktember. I’m a heavy gloss type gal myself, but maybe you’ll inspire me to get into lipsticks!

15 09 2010

I don’t wear any lipstick or lip gloss and I don’t know why! It’s fun trying out different colors. Can’t wait to see which ones are your faves!

15 09 2010

I love how Harles has his paw on his friend Harry.

15 09 2010

Holy wow, that’s a lot of lipstick! I need to find more colors to try!

15 09 2010

I stared wearing (one shade) of lipstick last year for Pete’s cousins wedding and this summer I’ve added a second color to my collection. I love them both. I’m just scared as all heck to try a new color. What if it doesn’t look good?!

Girl, you’ve got guts and I can’t wait to see the photos 🙂

16 09 2010

That is so nice! I can’t wait for your recap on how lipsticktember went.

16 09 2010

We need the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m not one to talk, but you have the means for photos! 🙂 I’m glad you got your lipsticks! And how friggin cute is Bugg in that pic! I melt, you turned my bad mood good! Thanks KJ!

16 09 2010

So just ignore my email from about 10 min. ago. Thats what I get for checking email before checking blogs! PS: I feel your pain ab B being out of town. R is gone Mon – Thur for the unforeseeable future, including our 1 year next week. Boo. And I’m working my Phone A Thons so I’m at work 9am to 9pm and taking a 40 min roundtrip drive home each afternoon to take care of the girls. It sucks. But yay for lots of awesome lipstick!!!

16 09 2010
Stacy Marie

It’s always so fun to have presents waiting for you, especially on such a long day!

16 09 2010

Awww, you’re welcome! I hope you find a few in there that work for you. I really liked Simmering too – it’s a fun color! I don’t know if you’re doing a lip pencil or not, but that helps my color stay longer and it’s fun to play with the color combos you can create with different lip pencils and lipstick colors. Just a thought… maybe next Lipsticktember!

16 09 2010

That is so much fun! I love getting packages! Isn’t it nice to have a surprise after a long day? Can’t wait for you Lipsticktember recap!

16 09 2010

Awesome! What a thoughtful friend! Your pups are so adorable too! Can’t wait to see the results on what you like.

16 09 2010

SWEET! What an awesome present! Your friend rocks.
And Bugg definitely looks like he’s about to chow down on that makeup bag.

16 09 2010

I am incredibly jealous of all of your samples! Grrrr 😉

16 09 2010

Yay Lipsticktember! I can’t wait to see the colors on you!
Finding packages on my doorstep always makes my day.

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