Photogs and Food!

16 09 2010

I had the pleasure of spiffing up today and heading to a surprise party at my favorite restaurant (well, one of them, La Piedad) for my favorite photog, Erin Hession-Wooton! Erin shot our wedding, and she and her husband John have become wonderful friends as well.

When I got home, I noticed a package again! This was from a giveaway I won from The Hick Bride! I won some gorgeous earrings from

When I actually held them, I was so pleasantly surprised by their heft! They’re not cheaply made at all. The design and stone are actually on the front AND back… very nice!

They looked great with the Old Navy cardigan I scored on special for $10 ($7.50 after my discount) and the cute white Old Navy tank that I got for like, a DOLLAR and change due to the online-only 50% discount, the 30% extra off clearance, and my 10% clearance discount. I paired it with a scarf I got from a girlie swap meet with friends.

I topped it off with a GORGEOUS new lipstick of mine… this one is top two, people. It’s called Capricious by M·A·C. The nice thing about the formula is that it is so creamy and a little sheer, so if I swipe it once, it’s not so much, but a few layers and it has more impact. It also feels amazing on.

I arrived at the restaurant tonight and didn’t really know anyone except John. Of course I wished my hubby was there! But I recognized a few people from my well-known awkward stalking tendencies.

You see, I sort of fell head-over-heels in love with Erin’s work when B and I got engaged (Christmas 2008, thanks for asking!) I wish I had realized my awkwardness potential, and told you all. But I wasn’t blogging here then, and I was working at a job that completely stifled my awkward creativity. But basically we went to our meeting with Erin, and I was referencing weddings for her. She tried to show me albums and I named the bride, groom, and their honeymoon location three pictures in.

Luckily she wasn’t scared of me and didn’t file any protection orders. We booked her, and Erin helped me find almost all of my vendors, and when our wedding world came crashing down, she helped us make the most out of our day. She also took some kick-ass photos! I consider her an inspiration and a friend now, and after my awkwardness, I realize I’m lucky that I can say that!

I bring up the awkward stalking regarding my arrival because there is no worse feeling than “I recognize that person, but is the reason I ‘know’ them socially acceptable, or really awkward?” Luckily I was in the clear, I recognized the owner of Holy Cow! Cupcakes (omigod best MAPLE BACON CUPCAKES ever!) and one of Erin’s side-shooters. Everyone was friendly and fun, and many were photographers, so I let them take most of the pictures! I did get one though, of me and the Birthday Girl!

I stuffed myself with my usual chile verde and queso dip, and basically rolled myself out of there and home to pugs. Luckily, B gets home tomorrow and we’ll all be together again! As much as I enjoy a nice snore-free bed to myself with the pugs now and then, I’m much happier when Big Daddy is home with us!




7 responses

17 09 2010

You look adorable! Cute fit (as in outfit, I hear all the cool kids saying that). Glad you found a top two lipstick!

17 09 2010

You’re lookin’ good lady!! 😉
Way to make me crave some queso dip BTW…

17 09 2010

You look so cute! That lipstick looks great on you (as does the blue!)

I totally felt like that when I went to a Bee meet-up. I was like, “OH! There’s Pencils! And Veggie!” and it was just really weird. However, I think what’s worse is some one coming up to me *thinking* they know who I am, but it’s a case of mistaken identity. It happened to me a few months ago and I felt really bad for the guy. He was convinced that I dated his brother or something…uh, no.

17 09 2010

Super cute. I have a cardigan that color and now I’m inspired to pair it with a teal scarf! How’d the lipstick hold up?? It looks great.

17 09 2010

OMG I love those earrings! They are so cute!

I have never run into someone who I know from the internet, but I imagine it would be super awkward (if for no other reason than I would probably make it that way) !

17 09 2010

You are cute & your posts totally make my day.
Just sayin’

22 09 2010
Laura L

I hate that our husbands were out of town at the same time — that only means we could have spent every licking second together while they were gone 🙂 LOL

Also, I love that you are friends with one of your vendors… I’m the same way with my wedding coordinator!

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