Half a Year

20 09 2010

Today, Big Daddy and I have been married for six months! THIS was exactly half a year ago:

I realize that not all of you read my wedding blog, and even those that did don’t know “our” story that much. You see, it all started when we met on April 20, 2007… exactly three years and five months ago. We had Blue Moons (ugh!) at OPT’s and then went to Red Room where I got really drunk and voraciously made out with him in front of everyone he knows.

He still married me.

I don’t have any pictures from the night we met, but I do have one from a week after… this was at Red Room too.

Before you all start questioning whether that really is me… yes, it is. I have gained oh… somewhere around 60 pounds. Thanks for noticing. I’m a competitive eater. Ok, moving on.

This is cinco de mayo of that year, the night we became “official” (aka… FACEBOOK.)

I found out that night that he didn’t like marshmallows. I still dated him.

Our first trip together was to Chicago:

And then had our first AIRPLANE trip to Vegas:

We bought a house and acquired two puggies:

Then on our one-year anniversary, we went to Florida (pictured here at the Sunken Gardens) for some R&R:

So that was the first year of our lives together! (In a nutshell, at least.)

I’ll complete the rest at some point when I feel like it. Like our nine month anniversary (3/4 of a year, anyone?)

B, I love you! Happy anniversary! Thanks for sticking with me this long… this is the most fun ride of my life and I love you like a pug loves treats!




22 responses

20 09 2010

Congrats! I love lurking in your and your pugs’ story!

20 09 2010
Jessica Lynn

YEA!!! Happy (six-month) anniversary!!! I like seeing pictures through the yearsβ€”how fun!

20 09 2010

Happy Anniversary! Y’all are so cute together and the puggies are perfect (as you know). Your wedding was insanely cute too, my friend, because I creepily stalked your wedding blog.

20 09 2010

Aw so cute. Happy Happy Happy Half birthday for me tomorrow!
Just kiddin.
Hope you two have an amazing, wonderful, sweet 6th month anniversary and I hope its even better on your 60th πŸ™‚

20 09 2010

You guys are so freaking cute together! PS – Pretty sure your hair always looks good. Jealous.

21 09 2010

Happy Half Year!

21 09 2010

Yay!!! Happy 6 months!!! πŸ˜€ The next will fly by, trust me! I can’t believe how quickly 1 year jumped up on us!

21 09 2010

Watch out for those Blue Moons… that’s how I ended up in this predicament! πŸ™‚ Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!!!

21 09 2010
Heart Sis

Happy 6 months!!!!!!! Love you both (even though I haven’t met Big Daddy)!!!!!!!

21 09 2010

You guys are so adorable and those pugs? My heart melts.
Happy six months! πŸ™‚

21 09 2010

Happy 6 month anniversary! Ya’ll are so cute!!

21 09 2010

Awww you guys are too cute! (Or “two” cute! Haha I slay me.) We’ll be at 4 months tomorrow and I’m like WHAT? Where did the summer go? Wasn’t it just June? Anyway, yay to 6 months!

21 09 2010
Stacy Marie

Your wedding does NOT feel like it was 6 months ago! Time is flying…you guys look adorable together!

21 09 2010

YAY!!! Happy 6 months to you! You guys are the cutest couple. πŸ™‚
I can’t believe I’ve almost been married for 7 months. Where the hell is this year going?

21 09 2010

Happy Anniversary!!! Love your first year story, I’m so glad you shared that!

21 09 2010

YAY! Happy Monthaversary!

“I got really drunk and voraciously made out with him in front of everyone he knows.” — made me laugh really hard. πŸ™‚

21 09 2010

yay! ❀

21 09 2010

Big congrats you guys! But seriously, where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday I was reading about your wedding planning….

22 09 2010
Laura L

can i say how gorgeous you are k$? (you are like “uhm yes, tell me more”)

congrats on the 6 months… couldnt’ believe we were at 5 months last week – it all came so fast! isn’t it crazy?!

23 09 2010

Yayyy – congrats! Time flies, doesn’t it? Pretty soon you’ll be at the 1 year mark…ahh!

P.S. LOVE that first photo you posted from the wedding! Sassy!

24 09 2010

happy six-month anniversary! i love the recap of your relationship!

24 09 2010
Newlyweds on a Budget

this is one of the cutest things ever!

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