Tuesday Tube & Tunes

21 09 2010

I discuss TV on here sometimes, but rarely music. In fact I’ll be dead honest… 99% of the time when I’m reading blogs I’m watching TV, so I don’t want to see your Music Monday post. I know, I’m horrible. I feel bad just saying that! But additionally… I’m not a huge music person anymore. I have my certain favorites, but I rarely sit down and listen to music at this point in my life.

However, a few artists really MOVE me. Which I’ll get to in a minute.

The same goes for TV. Some I watch just to watch, while I blog. Or because we’ve watched it for a while and it’s “ok.”


So I’m going through my TV lineup with you here. (Then discussing music. So hold your horses.) These are the shows that I CLOSE MY COMPUTER FOR.

This one I’ve been watching since I was an early teen…


Yes, having it on Wednesday is WEIRD. But I still love me some Survivor! Nicaragua this season is blissfully Russell-free and so far, so good!

B and I have been watching this one for YEARS…


I LOVE DEXTER! This is the reason we have Showtime. Every season is wonderful. I hated Lila. I LOVED Miguel Prado. I had nightmares about Arthur Mitchell. AND I HATED RITA. Can’t wait to see what season 5 brings!

The next one is one B and I discovered via Netflix:


This is one of the funniest, stupidest shows ever and we plan to watch it this season!

We also stumbled upon this new Showtime series… and love it / hate it at the same time:


I won’t ruin the show for anyone not watching, so if you watch The Big C and share my pain about her choices, PLEASE let me know! I need a buddy to discuss this one with! It’s so soooo good but we do have to scream at the TV a bit.

Last but not least on the B & KJ TV list, is the REASON we ordered free HBO for 3 months:


Ten minutes into the first episode, we both declared it the best show we have ever seen. And this is from someone with the DVD box set of all the seasons of The Sopranos. I want to LIVE in this show. I need a support group.

B enjoys Ghost Adventures, and while I’ll sometimes watch, and LOVE Zak, Nick and Aaron, it doesn’t hold my attention like the others. So that’s “his” show. “My” show this year seems to be:


My loves on this season’s Dancing With The Stars? KYLE from that Disney Show is AMAZING. Seriously blew me away. I also LOVE the Situation (and sorry, I can’t explain this love) and Bristol Palin… I think her shyness is crazy and I loved her dress. I strongly dislike Brandy, the Hoff, and Audrina. I haven’t watched any other season with any vigor so we’ll see if this one sticks.

It’s exciting to have so many shows I’m actually REALLY into! Anyone agree with me on any of these?

Music is also something I can be really into, but don’t put out there as much. (We’re coming full circle here, people.) Today I was browsing my reader and noticed my twitter buddy Stephalop posted “Tuesday Tunes” and it included Something Corporate. SoCo’s lead singer is also the lead singer of one of my top 3 favorite groups, Jack’s Mannequin. (Honestly, they’re probably tied with Dave Matthews for first place.)

I just love JM’s lyrics and the more upbeat and playful attitude of their songs, while keeping SoCo’s beautifully smooth feel as well. Take for example, these lyrics from “I’m Ready”

I wake up to find it’s another 4 aspirin morning and I dive in.
I put on the same clothes I wore yesterday.
When did society decide that we have to change
Or wash a T-shirt after every individual use?
If it’s not dirty, I’m gonna wear it.

I take the stairs to the car and there’s fog on the windows
(And I’m finding the words)
I need caffeine in my bloodstream
I take caffeine in the bloodstream
I grip the wheel and all at once I realize…
(And you’re getting away)
My life has become a boring pop song and everyone’s singing along

Well, I’m ready to drop…

Or you could just look at the video I took! Where I, in fact, scream like a tiny little girl who wants her mom. Sorry for that.

Please note that he added a “FUCKING” into the “If it’s not dirty, I’m gonna wear it” part. And then I scream and die. INAPPROP.

This was a concert at the tiny, ghetto “N Club” in Greensboro, NC. I had to endure three crappy first acts to see them this close up! Check out some pics:

This, my friends, was FEELING THE MUSIC. I could practically smell his passion. It was such an awesome experience and nearly five years later, I still won’t soon forget it.

There’s nothing better than a show or band that you absolutely can’t get enough of! Please tell me some of you are with me on some of these!?!?




17 responses

21 09 2010

oh dude I totally yell at the tv during The Big C too!!

21 09 2010

No comment I ever leave on here will ever compare to the one you left on my post tonight, so I don’t even want to try to be funny 😦 But I guess I will anyway.

I don’t watch any of these shows (except DWTS.) I don’t want to watch Dexter for the sole reason that I don’t like how he looks. As in, I just don’t like looking at him. I know, it’s really dumb.

And as much as it pains me to say this (and trust me, it pains me quite a bit) I find Bristol kind of charming. I hope she sticks around for a bit so she comes out of her shell and really shows who she is. I’m willing to give the kid a chance 🙂

I love music and almost always have it playing, especially when I’m cooking. But I don’t do Music Monday and I rarely listen to the posts of people who do it. Sorryyy!

21 09 2010

You’re cute. We don’t have cable so we rarely watch TV. We watch The Office on Hulu and I love Glee. We also watch Mad Men (illegally, shhhhhh) but forget to all the time. I really don’t like reality TV/competition shows except I love to travel so the amazing race is cool. I always forget to watch it though.
We do, however, FREAKIN LOVE EastBound & Down. Pete is a huge baseball fan so I bought him Season 1 (all 6 freakin episodes) as a gift and we’re excited to stalk our friends place so we can watch the new season!
Have a great Tuesday.

21 09 2010

ahh the N-Club! so many memories

22 09 2010

Ok, I watch way too much TV. It’s just not good, but I multi-task with blogging or knitting. Anyway, we haven’t watched it yet, but we have Boardwalk Empire on DVR. Can’t wait to watch it!

22 09 2010

“Kyle from That Disney Show.” Hahaha – I also dislike Brandy, I get the feeling she’s fake and if Bristol would bust out of her shyness, I think I’d be on board with her.

My cousin introduced me to Jack’s Mannequin a couple years ago and their aweseome! I’m jealous you’ve seen them in person.

22 09 2010

OMG YOU HAVE SHOWTIME!?!?!?!? I need to come over on Sundays (or whenever you guys watch Dexter)!!!! IM SO JEALOUS I COULD CRY!!! That is my all-time favorite show ever! I also hated Lila and I was starting to warm up to Rita whenever she .. you know.. I can proudly say that I’ve watched every single episode, but sadly this is the first year we are sacrificing Showtime. =(

22 09 2010

We LOVE Dexter, and Weeds, but we can’t afford Showtime in our budgets so we find…creative…? ways to watch them. We haven’t found a fast creative way with Dexter yet, so we’re usually way behind on that one, as in, someone totally ruined Season 5 for me before we even watched the first episode. AARRGH! I think I want to find The Big C, as though I need something else to watch.

We’re totally excited about The Big Bang Theory season premiere tomorrow night! That’s our favorite. As my mother so kindly and eloquently put it, “Brandi, this show is about you and Rob and his smart friends!” Thanks, Mom, I’m glad you think so highly of me. Sigh.

22 09 2010
Steph C.

Thanks for the shout-out! And I’m glad I was an inspiration! (Heh that sounds silly to say).

Anyhoo.. LOVE “I’m Ready”.. and the video, which reminded me of a time I went to see them perform when I was 16 or something and we were in the front agaisnt the barricades before the stage for the whole show and I must not have eaten enough or something bc SoCo takes the stage and I literally passed out 2 seconds later (maybe he was just that dreamy so upclose?) and had to have the security guard haul my ass away in front of thousands of people. That was fun.

As for the TV.. I sometimes randomly catch DWTS but I’m more of a SYTYCD person myself 😉 And we’re getting rid of cable this week.. lame.

22 09 2010

I am embarrassed to say the only 2 shows I have even heard of are Survivor (which I don’t watch) and Dancing with the Stars (I used to watch it… when I had time). We don’t have any of those fancy channels like HBO (can’t afford such luxuries!) I love Gossip Girl. And Project Runway. Those are the only 2 shows I watch. Hubs only watched Lost on DVD (obsessively until 2 AM). I am quite ready for him to be done with that series!

22 09 2010
Miss Puppy Love

OMG! Love me some Dexter and Eastbound&Down! I just can’t get into Survivor, but I’ve heard DWTS this season is good, so I may have to check it out!

Honestly, I am such a bad TV loyal. I just can’t get into a regular schedule for anything. The shows that I do watch regularly (like Dexter) are really because D likes them and IS a good TV loyal. I live so much by a planner, that with TV I’m more like “eh, I’ll watch it when it moves to TNT/USA”…speaking of which, I love me some Burn Notice.


22 09 2010

Only one I watch is DWTS, D won’t watch with me :(, he thinks I’m the only person in the world who watches it. Now I can tell him I know TWO other people who watch it. Jennifer Grey all the way! I heart her, only because of Dirty Dancing.

22 09 2010

I watch WAY too much TV. We don’t have Showtime but everyone and their mother keeps telling me we have to watch Dexter. Plus, my Aunt thinks I look like the lady who plays his wife? I dunno if that’s good or bad. LOL We should get it, cuz I wanna see the Tudors too but part of me thinks that’s what’s Netflix is for. 😉

Oh & I’m totally with you – Boardwalk Empire is the sh!+!!! & we own every season of Sopranos too. It’s def. his new favorite show. Silly fact: my parents know the guy who plays his butler, so my 72-yr old, conservative Mom watches it too! LOL

22 09 2010
Laura L

This is the first season of DWTS I haven’t watched — which surprises me since i was intrigued by the cast. You know I share the love for Survivor but that’s where our similarities end since we don’t have any of the “paid for” channels like SHowtime or HBO. I will say that the one I’ve been looking forward to most is Modern Family and then of course the Office — also been enjoying some Hoarders, Teen Mom, Biggest Loser (once I convince Brad he isn’t boycotting it anymore lol), and I know there are a trillion more but of course I can’t seem to come up with them at the moment.

22 09 2010

We canceled Showtime this year to save some money, although now K misses Dexter. We DO have HBO though, and we really want to watch Boardwalk Empire and Eastbound & Down, now that True Blood is on hiatus.

Oh, and I love DWTS too… and Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, The Office, Grey’s and now Modern Family. I basically spend too much time watching TV.

22 09 2010
Lizabeth Lou

We also got Sho because of Dexter. True story.
I lovelovelove Jacks Mannequin. When I miss CA I listen to him.

23 09 2010

Omg N Club. Hilarious.

Is it bad to admit that I do Music Monday posts because they are easy and otherwise I feel guilty about not posting for 4 days straight (since I don’t post on the weekends, typically)? Wow, I’m terrible.

Annnyway, you already know that I love Dexter…although I WAS devastated about Rita…I enjoyed her character. Maybe I just feel really bad for her poor children who now are going to have to grow up with their serial killer father? But he’s a NICE serial killer…haha.

I watch ENTIRELY too much TV, it is a huge problem. Lets see here…my must see shows are DEFINITELY: How I Met Your Mother (seriously…are you not watching it?!?! The besttt), House, Biggest Loser, Modern Family (my new favorite show I think), Cougar Town, The Office, 30 Rock, Mad Men, True Blood (I got sucked in), Project Runway, and Top Chef of any sort.

I am going to try to tune in OnDemand for Boardwalk Empire – my parents have HBO/Showtime, so I watch shows when I am over at their house…and that is how I’m going to have to watch Dexter. Dang it!

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