The Grammar Ignorance I Endure

27 09 2010

I value and (sometimes, rarely) enjoy my second job. I have lots of fun co-workers and feel a sense of pride and excitement when I help people shop for what they need. But sometimes, I’m treated really badly.

I bring everything I can to that job, but sometimes feel like I have their preconceived notions of their employees set against me. I don’t goof off, I don’t call off irresponsibly, I pick up hours, and I work hard.

And then when I see things like this sign, I wonder how I even handle the work environment.

(Edited in red in Photoshop. It took every part of my being not to edit it in real life.)

(PS- EASE and Collectabilitees are an acronym and shirt style, respectively, and aren’t typos.)

Listen. I’m grateful to have a second job and I am going to continue to go in whenever I’m scheduled and work my ass off. But grammar like this makes me sick to my stomach. It’s like they actually chose to ignore spell/grammar check!

Part of me hates writing this, because I’m not trying to belittle my managers (or whoever wrote this- I have no idea.) But it’s just that after being talked down to, working on my feet all night, folding everything from XXL tops to teensy infant clothes and re-hanging crap because YOU IDIOTS HANG THEM INSIDE OUT AND UPSIDE DOWN AND THINK YOU ARE HELPING… I don’t want to have to edit too.

The end.




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27 09 2010

gahahhahhhhhhhh this stuff killllls me!

27 09 2010

Dude – my first job ever (other than babysitting) was a library attendant at the children’s library. I totalllllly feel ya with the service industry rant. Hi, please place your 2 year old next to 400 books and see what he does. Let me guess. He pulls them all off the shelf and throws them. But don’t worry, I’m a babysitting service. God, 10 years ago and I still have resentment towards that postition.

ANYWAY back to this, it made me giggle. Hehe. Please print this website out and tack it next to the sign:

27 09 2010

High five. I hate bad grammar and spelling errors! Ware… gaahh. Not saying I’m perfect by any means, but c’mon people… just proofread a little. Especially for a sign.

PS: I’m going to hang my stuff up properly, next time I try something on. I’m guilty of putting stuff on the hanger inside out!

27 09 2010

LOL! I appreciate you trying 🙂

And for anyone wondering: hanger should make a ? (question mark) when you look at it hanging the garment from the front. Buttons buttoned, zippers zipped. Or don’t bother hanging it. I hate when people put pant hangers on buttoned but unzipped pants, backwards. It’s three times the work to undo it all and re-hang it!

End rant.

27 09 2010

This is bad. I just wonder how that person has a job. (Or made it through high school (presumably) for that matter.) When you tweeted about this I kind of just ignored the random capitalization. I can almost handle that better than the glaring misspellings. Scary indeed.

28 09 2010

Wow… that’s pretty bad!

28 09 2010

I felt this EXACT same way when I was working at a part-time job after I graduated college and was waiting to start my full-time job.

28 09 2010
Steph C.

Bad grammer and spelling really irks me, although I must admit that I make mistakes every so often! My FH’s elementary school tried the whole sound-it-out to spell it method, and he seriously still can’t spell some pretty simple words.. we’re working on it though 😉

And I have worked my fair share of retail jobs, so I always make a concious effort to try and put clothes back the way I found them when I’m in a store! It’s almost a compulsion at this point. I feel your pain!!

28 09 2010

Gah! The part I’d be most p***ed about is having to pay $2 just to show your team spirit. It’s like don’t even let us wear jerseys if you’re just going to make us pay $2!


You have way more patience than I do!

28 09 2010

I am with you on this one! I worked for ON a few years ago and people were bad about picking up clothing that they had dropped on the floor. They would just shove it under the fixtures and pretend it wasn’t there. That sign is terrible too! Hopefully it wasn’t a manager that wrote it.

28 09 2010

I can understand a misspelled word here and there but to capitalize words that don’t need it? That drives me nuts!

A girl that I’m friends with on Facebook types All Her Statuses Like This And I Don’t Know Why!!!!!!! Gah!

28 09 2010

Dis is Supar anoyeng! i hat Wen peepol cant speel. Dis preson migh’t wan’t too tink bout goeing Back too scholl!

28 09 2010

I used to work retail and HATED when people thought they were doing us a favor by hanging it inside out or halfway on the hanger. I cannot believe that someone would write this. If they are the manager (or any higher than a high-school teeny-bopper), then shame on them for not knowing how to spell SIMPLE WORDS!

I watched Oprah (yeah, yeah ..) the other day and this guy was talking about how these kids in the education system now are LESS educated than those adults that didn’t even go to college! I totally agree when I see things like this.

PS – on a side note I just went to ON the other day and OH EM GEE!! I got a sweater and two long-sleeves for UNDER $30!!!! The long sleeves were like $3.19 a piece!!! RIGHT ON!!

28 09 2010

Oh goodness. So I can forgive the capital letters as I tend to use caps to put emphasis on certain things in memos and emails, but wow some of those are bad. I know it kills you. But as a non grammar nazi, you’d probably hate working with me too and I’m sure some of my comments must have bothered you. Hope you’ll still love me anyway!!!!

28 09 2010

I completely understand how hard it is to work with idiots (OOPS! Did I say that out loud?). It is amazing the lack of intelligence (and common sense) that so many people have… Although if I wrote a note you would probably hate me to because I can’t spell at all.

28 09 2010

WOW. WOW. yeah, I deal with this kinda stuff all the time…except it is on their RESUMES.

28 09 2010

Omg, this is horrible!

28 09 2010
Jessica Lynn

I am in LOVE with this post! I was going to make a similar post about a fortune from a fortune cookie, but I lost the fortune! I feel bad for the other couple we were dining out with, because I ripped that fortune to pieces—figuratively, of course!

Don’t you hate it when people capitalize random words? It drives me up a freaking wall!

29 09 2010

I’ve never worked in clothing retail, probably because it would be the shortest job I could ever have, and the only one from which I would most definitely have been fired. I HATE when clothes aren’t folded or hung the way I think they should be (omg, so excited you hang things left facing too, air fives from Florida to you, and a big raspberry to my husband who tells me I’m sick!).

Plus I’d get all snarky about that sign. Big time. And I’d probably retype it and take it upon myself to replace it.

1 10 2010

Ugh, when you tweeted a photo of that sign I had to hold back my gag reflex. It pained me terribly.

7 10 2010
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