30 09 2010

B and I spent a few hours cleaning the house today, about 7:00 – 10:00 pm. And finally, I don’t feel like a Hoarder!! We did the whole house, but naturally you’re wondering about the spare bedroom.

Remember how the spare bedroom looked? And then how the cleaning was going? (Click and check out the pictures!)

Look! It’s de-hoarderfied!

The desk area is still in need of organization. But it’s guest-ready! And that is great because…


Aka my first blogging buddy. For nearly two years we’ve been blog buddies and we talk nearly every single day. And tomorrow we finally get to hang out!!! We are having a big pug blogger meetup in Indy (that was one of my first blogs- one for the pugs) and I’ll have a very full weekend. So don’t expect that many posts or blog comments until next week. Except maybe a quick update on my hair!




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30 09 2010

Oh so pretty! I kept wanting to clean our master bedroom for that friday room post but my house looks about 40 times worse today than it did at the start of the week.
Maybe I can channel some of your energy…


30 09 2010

You didn’t even need my help!! 🙂 It looks fab!

Like Hannah, I’m trying to work up the energy to clean my dining room so I can post about tomorrow for the ‘show us where you live’ series I’m participating in. It’s not looking so good right now.

30 09 2010

Good job with the big clean; that’s definitely a lot of progress! Our spare bedroom was a disaster before/right after our wedding. Feels good to have a functional room again. Have a fun weekend!

1 10 2010

The room looks awesome!! Way to go guys!! Have fun this weekend!!!! 😀

1 10 2010

I can’t fully express how much I love that you have a pic of Abraham Lincoln above the bed.

1 10 2010

Looks great!

1 10 2010
Emily B

Yay! Have fun! The room looks fantastic. I’m sure it feel sooo good to have that all done. Love the pic of Abe 🙂 There is a whole section of the American History Museum in DC dedicated to him. Very powerful stuff. If you ever get your ass to DC you should go!

Oh and I want to see that hair asap!!

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