The Haircut to End All Haircuts.

3 10 2010

MAJOR haircut win this weekend. MAJOR.

And I am sorry to keep you all waiting. I had such a fun twinner-filled weekend (and majorly pug-filled too… don’t worry, that recap will be posted very soon!) and I didn’t get to tweet as much as I wanted to. But let’s recap Friday AM, shall we?

The overwhelming majority of you were saying blonde and trim. This pretty much went with my thoughts. I LOVE my hair brown but with tanning, it makes it more difficult to look good. Plus, B voted only one option- blonde. That’s his opinion and since I could go either way, I figured let’s just keep it blonde! I LOVE my color when it’s fresh and my hair stylist, “The Russian,” is the best colorist I’ve ever had. So that part was easy. (Although I may go darker in the future… who knows!)

At first I was like, let’s just grow it OUT! But I’ve been more frustrated with long hair than any hairstyle I’ve had before. I know a lot of you said it wasn’t “stringy” but the point is, it just hangs. It doesn’t have a nice poof to it. If I am wearing a collared top or a suit jacket, it falls into the top, around it, and just looks really unprofessional and messy. I couldn’t go back. But I didn’t want to go quite as short. The thing that was bothering me the most was the back.

It became flippy no matter what. It hated me. This is the mullet situation I was talking about. Here it was from the front:

I went in and told The Russian my concerns. We decided on a cut that’s a little more trendy, will grow out better (although please, remind me in six weeks to get a trim) and still gives me some length. Oh and her new salon is super cute, close to my house, and has the most awesome lighting fixture ever:

I didn’t even have a minute to take a picture of my hair. Well, a good picture at least! I was texting with my girl pal Stephanie, since we both had hair appointments Friday morning, and finally took this one quickly to show her.

It’s longer in the front, basically just a tiny trim, and then shorter and stacked in the back. It’s much much much more manageable and, I think, pretty cute! Don’t worry, there are tons more pictures coming when I recap my weekend in the next post. Oh, and you can see Stephanie’s hot new ‘do here on her blog! I am jealous of her bangs. I LOVE and want them, but am far too greasy in the face for such a thing.

Also funny- try telling your husband that your hair is short in the back and long in the front. I’m pretty sure B thought Kate Gosselin was walking through our door. After viewing it though, he loves it!

Thanks everyone for weighing in and voting, and for all your sweet words! Sometimes it keeps me from goin’ crazy!




15 responses

3 10 2010

Looks precious!! Love it!!

3 10 2010
Emily B

It’s so prettttyyyy!!! I want to see the back asap!

3 10 2010

It looks SO good! I love your hair AND your lipstick!!

3 10 2010

Cute hair! Great choice–I def. voted blonde and trim. I totally feel you about bangs. Mine would just stick to my forehead. Post a picture of the back soon!

3 10 2010
Stacy Walker

You haircut looks great!

3 10 2010
Jessica Lynn

Ooo, that’s a super cute cut! Love the color, too!

3 10 2010

It looks great!

4 10 2010

LOVE it! I’m definitely a fan of the inverted bob!

4 10 2010

Love it! Though I still think you should’ve gotten the Situation Mullet. Fo sho.

4 10 2010

You know I’m digging your cut and color 🙂 Thanks for the shout out too!!

4 10 2010

Super cute – I like how it’s kind of a longer bob. I’m itching to cut my hair too but I’m afraid I’ll chicken out.

4 10 2010

Super cute! And I love the lipstick color you’re wearing too!

4 10 2010

Looks fantastic!!!

4 10 2010

*whistles* Looking good. I love the cut!

5 10 2010

Yay! Love the new look! I was a big fan of the stacked, inverted bob! It does grow out nicely…I can attest to it!

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