That time I got on the wrong plane.

6 10 2010

Well I’ve already ruined it for you with the blog title. But hear me out. ‘Cause it’s another one of my awkward stories.

It was October 2003. I had just started college at Elon University in North Carolina. AKA, the preppy capital of the southeast. Even though I retained much of my Jersey goodness (and still do!) I had adopted what I liked to think was Southern confidence and charm. However, I was still a typical college student. Seriously, check out this smug fratty look!

I really don’t know which is worse: the fact that I took a picture after getting home from the frats (while listening to my roommate PUKE, I remember it like it was yesterday) or the fact that I named this file “SEXY REXY” when I saved it to my computer back then.

October was time for our fall break, and my hometown was something like a nine hour drive from Elon. Plus, I didn’t have a car on campus yet. So my parents booked me a flight – my first time flying alone. I’m a genius college student- nothing bad could happen! Whee!

My friend Mike drove me to the airport, but we hit tons of traffic. I rolled in with barely minutes to spare. After getting through security, I ran to my gate in the tiny terminal. When I came upon my gate number I saw they were boarding. I asked someone in line, “is this the Newark New Jersey flight?” They said yes.

Score! Hop on line. Give them my boarding pass, board the plane without problem.

(Note to Continental- that was your FIRST mistake. I still love you though.)

It’s one of those small planes with one seat rows on the left, and two seat rows on the right. I am sitting in a single seat. I get situated, put away my carry-on, and relax. I start talking to the girl across from me – a fellow college student at a different school – and we become fast friends. She offers to let me watch a movie with her on her laptop when we take off. “Flying is easy AND fun! I am so awesome!” I think to myself.

But wait- I am being tapped on the shoulder by an older man, interrupting my convo with my new plane BFF. He says, “You’re in my seat.” I super-smugly pull out my ticket and show him that I am, in fact, supposed to be in 11A. He pulls his out and shows me that…. yep, he is too. Shit. I politely suggest that since his was an e-ticket, maybe he’s wrong. He sighs and storms off the plane. BFF and I get back to picking out movies.

Then, all of a sudden, a voice comes over the loudspeaker. “If there is a Kelly Lastname on this plane, please come to the front of the plane. You are on the wrong flight. Kelly Lastname, you are on the wrong flight.”

Everyone is silent and looking around. Who the HELL could be such a idiot that they got on the wrong plane?

Oh, right. Me.

So I quietly get up, grab my bags, and mutter softly, to no one in particular…

“Well… I better go find her!”

I shit you not. I said that.

And then I run off the plane.

How my boarding pass scanned is still beyond me, and it clearly makes me feel incredibly safe. Turns out, the earlier flight to Newark had been delayed, along with my flight. Which meant the early flight was leaving when my flight was supposed to. Had I looked at the flight numbers, I would have realized. (And had they scanned my ticket, THEY would have as well.)

If only I had seen that I was too awkward to function earlier, I could have avoided situations such as these! I sat down, read a magazine for about two hours, then took the short flight home. I never told a soul about “the incident.” My ego shrunk two sizes that day. Which is probably a good thing.




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6 10 2010

Hilarious! This might be my second favorite story ever, after your naked naps, natch!

But don’t feel too bad, I had several incidents with getting on the wrong bus in college…my parents had spoiled me by always driving me and giving me a car, over making me take public transportation, so I had no clue how to ride a bus until I was about 20.

6 10 2010

I’m glad I’m not alone. I still don’t know how to take a bus. I have to have people escort me around any big city- my first day working in NYC (and commuting in) I cried and a NYPD officer gave me a hug. So I feel ya!!!!!!

6 10 2010

Haha. Divorced parents. I’ve been flying alone since I was 6 (every other month) and thank god I’ve never done this!! Also, never heard of Elon… but oh I can feel you with the preppy capital. I know a lot of institutions like that 🙂

6 10 2010

YES! B nearly shit his pants at Elon homecoming when he saw that all the guys were in seersucker and bow ties!!! He had no idea people even DID that! We need to educate the world!

6 10 2010

I’m always scared I’m going to do the same thing. So I make sure my ticket is glued to my hand and I check the flight number and gate number like 100 times before I even step in line to board the plane.
LOL you crack me up. Great story:) Glad you got to c-well safe lol.

6 10 2010

You obviously didn’t learn to say “in line” while living in the South. 😉

6 10 2010

Oh no! They made an announcement over the loudspeaker? Yikes. I can’t believe they didn’t scan your ticket. Stupid airlines.

6 10 2010

You have outdone yourself again. With the story, and with the peace sign you’re giving in the picture. I laughed outloud as soon as I saw the title. I’m still laughing. I love your awkward life.

6 10 2010

hehe, I didn’t even know it was possible 🙂

7 10 2010

I’ve kinda been there. I sat in the airport in Austin, in the right gate, and at the last minute they change my flight to another gate. And page me over the intercom, meanwhile I have my headphones in, not listening. Then I tried to board the plane bc the current gate is ALSO going to DC, at the same time as my intended plane! So right as I’m trying to board, they tell me, “uh this isn’t your flight.” Then I make a mad dash to the other gate and the counter ticket guy is like all snooty with me bc he’d been paging me for the past half hour. Like some people on standby had just been let on when I arrived so I ruined some people’s chances, whoops, haha.

7 10 2010

You have the best adventures. I’m a worry wart about things like that so like Kelley I check and double check and re-check.

7 10 2010

OMG Kelly! Hubby & I flew home from Boston this weekend & they sent us to a different gate that said Philly (we were going to Baltimore). I was so confused!!! You crack me up lady! I love that you said, I must go find her ha!

7 10 2010
ummm... anonymous?

That IS awkward! ALMOST as awkward as, say, brushing your teeth with Vagisil.

I had to be anonymous. You know who I am. :/

7 10 2010

OMG I would’ve written a letter to the airline & blamed them for allowing you to get on. Esp. post-9/11 – not to be bitchy, but just cuz you could’ve gotten something in return. LOL

I’ve been commuting in & out of Grand Central for over 10years. The other day I was reading a book and got off at the stop before mine. Luckily I realized and ran back onto the train. EVERYONE saw me. I stuck my nose back in my book and hid.

Oh & is it bad that I totally lurrrrve the whole southern preppy thing?? 😉

7 10 2010
Laura L

I think I’m going to call you Sexy Rexy from now on. I love this story! 🙂

7 10 2010

HaHA! At least you found out BEFORE the plane took off! Reminds me of the time then BF (an now ExH) took me to Penn Station for the train back to school after Thanksgiving break. He helped me get my ridiculously large bag on board, but it was so crowded, he couldn’t get off in time. Next stop, Rye, NY. And he had next to no cash in his wallet. And this was in the days before ATM cards. He had to sheepishly call his parents to come get him from Queens.

7 10 2010

as an aside, this also reminds me of the Full House episode when Stephanie and Michelle get on a plane going to New Zealand by accident.

7 10 2010

HA HA HA! That’s hysterical! At least it was going to the same destination, I’ve heard horror stories of people flying to the wrong coast on accident. Whoops.
Flying totally stresses me out. I’m such a worrier, and convinced that something like that will happen to me. So far, I’ve been lucky. Knocking on wood now…

8 10 2010

Ahhh oh my goodness, this is toooo funny! I can’t believe this happened. Doesn’t it freak you out a bit that you were able to get on to the plane with no problem? Stupid airline people…

10 10 2010
Emily B

I think this is my ultimate fear. I don’t fly solo often, but when I do, I’m a FREAK about triple checking things. And even when I triple check, I still worry that I’m doing it wrong somehow. When Josh and I fly together I leave everything up to him because he has his shit together and I, admittedly, do not.

Oh, and I will now refer to you solely as Sexy Rexy.

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