Pumpkin Patch Shenanigans

10 10 2010

We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch this weekend! Even though it was in the 70’s and even low 80’s. So very fall, ha. I worked most of the weekend, so our early morning trip on Saturday with friends was a great reprieve.

This is the crew we went with – Chris and Lexie, Lydia and Aaron, and of course, me and B.

Lyd is one of my bestest friends here so it was great to spend time with her. We even matched in our grey sweaters (until it hit 11:30 and was way too hot for them!)

B and I got a picture… check out the sign behind us for height, we’re both pretty freakin’ tall.

It was apparently one of the more lame pumpkin patches, but it was closer to home. I still thought it was fun! There were food vendors and other small attractions. Of course there were a few Face-in-Holes around…

There was also this giant dinosaur that would “eat” the pumpkins like once an hour. This lady would feed him:

And then he’d move around (with crazy dinosaur noises playing…)

And then SMASH IT a bunch before it would fall out.

We got on a trailer that took us to the pumpkin patch.

Aaron and B were “bumpin’ pumpkins” and showing off the big ones they chose.

We really only need one so I picked a small pug-pumpkin for myself.

We found this big pile of HUGE pumpkins later… What do you guys think, Christmas Card material?

They guys took an awkward photo together (what’s with the squatting!?)

And then the girls took one too!

It was my first official (aka, I’m old enough to remember) trip to a pumpkin patch and I am happy to report that it was AWESOME. Where do you guys get your pumpkins for carving? Up next… I will be making pumpkin seeds! (Whenever we all get together to carve them, that is!) Anyone have a great recipe to share?




19 responses

10 10 2010

I’m OBESSED with pumpkin patches. I go every year! This year we just bought our pumpkins from a church (yay, being good people!) but we went to a really fun one last year.
And yes, the heat here was MAD too.

10 10 2010

Obsessed** don’t judge my blatant inability to spell.

10 10 2010

So fun! Where I live, pumpkin patches are really a ton o’ pumpkins just tossed on pallets. Sigh.

I love the awkward squat picture. Boys always squat.

10 10 2010

Oh I miss these things about living up north… apple picking, warm cider, pumpkin patch. Look like so much fun!

10 10 2010
Emily B

Yay! It’s super hot here, too. NOT that I’m complaining. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been to a pumpkin patch. Is that bad? I usually get them from the grocery store or something. But no pumpkins for us this year (or for a few years to come, most likely.) We live in a high-rise apartment building and don’t have a balcony 😦 So I’ll just live vicariously through everyone else!

11 10 2010

Loved these! We went to the pumpkin patch Sunday morning – we venture into Indiana and go to Huber’s. Since we’ve moved out here its been an almost yearly tradition. So fun πŸ™‚

11 10 2010

HA! I vote yes for the xmas card photo! You guys are hilarious. And holy cow, did I not realize how tall you two are! I feel like I belong in Munchkinland.

I always get grocery store pumpkins, but for me, the best part anyway is fishing out all of the goopy pumpkin seeds, cleaning them up and shoving them into the oven and chowing down on yummy, salty, roasted seeds. I wait for that all year…

11 10 2010
Steph C.

I love pumpkins and everything pumpkin related ❀ I have yet to find a good pumpkin patch near DC.. last year we basically went to a farmer's stand with lots of pumpkins and just picked one, lame 😦 It looks like you had fun though!

11 10 2010

There is a great family farm up here in Pendleton that opens their pumpkin patch to the public (Smiths Family Farm). They have a ginormous corn maze and they even open their barns so you can visit their animals (goats, pigs, cows, chickens). You would LOVE it!

As for the seeds…I roast them with a bit of Old Bay seasoning (you can find it in the seafood department). It’s totally unusual and a great blend of flavors! Good luck!!!

GREAT pics, and I vote YES on the boob grab pic for your Xmas card! HAHAHAA

11 10 2010

Omg picking out pumpkins is my absolute favorite annual tradition! Wish we lived closer!! And seriously wtf is up with this weather!!

11 10 2010

The squatting makes it look like he’s pooed out that pumpkin. (TMI?) Haha. Looks like a ton of fun, I’ll have to convince hubs to take me pumpkin bumpin. I don’t have any fall stuff out yet, I’m so behind… ugh.

11 10 2010

I wish my local pumpkin patch had a Pumpkinasaurus Rex. That thing is awesome!

11 10 2010

I adore pumpkin patches! There’s something about the smell of leaves and the crisp air that just makes them magical.

It was super warm here this weekend, too. It throws off my schedule! I hate the cold, and this warm weather is teasing me!

11 10 2010

That looks like so much fun! I want to get a pumpkin this weekend. There isn’t anywhere cool that I know of to get pumpkins, but some churches have some out front you can buy. Perhaps I shall research pumpkin patches! I bet we don’t have pumpkin eating dinosaurs!!

11 10 2010

HAH! I love the pic of you 2 in the pumpkin patch!!

11 10 2010

I love the dinosaur!! I think I could watch that all day (I’m easily amused). I love going to the pumpkin patch; I can’t wait to get home and go with K next weekend!

11 10 2010
Laura L

i lovvvve going to the pumpkin patches! there is a great one in ventura that we are going to next weekend — can’t wait. my school/work also has a great patch at our farm and their big thing is this weekend but i will miss it for work. love all the pix though πŸ™‚ and you think you don’t have fall weather?! try 95 today. ugh.

12 10 2010

PS – this reminds me of 2 years ago when I went to the patch in VA…we drove like an hour just to find a farm much like this one…and I REFUSED to admit that it was like 90 degrees so of course I was fully decked out in jeans and knee high boots, a sweater, etc…I seriously thought I was going to have heatstroke.

12 10 2010

Um, that is totally Christmas card material! I love it! We have a pumpkin patch here that is really fun to take pictures in, but it doesn’t have anything awesome like a dinosaur! Can’t wait to see your pumpkin carving!

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