I bit the bullet.

11 10 2010

Actually I bit more than the bullet. I’ve bitten my way to being 60+ pounds heavier than when I first met B.

I had a really hard 2009. And as much as I wanted to lose weight for the wedding, we went through too much. I lost my job, I held down two horrible part time jobs, I took a pay cut to take a crap job that had no benefits… then we had issues with wedding money we were promised, had to practically cancel it… things just were bad and worse each month in 2009. The wedding weight loss never happened.

I was talking to one of my coworkers about something from college and showed her this picture:

That would be me and my college friend Rob, at graduation. (I finished in December but had to walk in May. I had met Big Daddy about a month before.) Yes, I drink Sparks. AND LOVE IT.

Anyway, my coworker looks at the picture and is like… who is that? And I was like, oh, my friend Rob. And she was like no, THAT GIRL. WHO IS THAT? THAT’S NOT YOU.

Andddd cue me wanting to cry.

Ok clearly I’m making an intense Sparks-induced face, like some sort of sick advertisement, but yea. I was 60 pounds lighter and felt so much better. And LOOKED so much better. That was only three and a half years ago.

So today, I joined Weight Watchers online. It previously worked for me (I was on it in this picture!) and I lost 32 pounds. I now have to lose double what I lost before. But I know I can do it. I won’t admit my weight on here (sorry guys, I’m just not that secure) but I will tell you my totals. Laura at Happy Hour with a Housewife inspired me too. I hope if any of you are planning to join, that you will and you’ll join not just Weight Watchers but join US! Having girlfriends makes it so much easier.

I chose to do online this time because A) I have no friends to go to meetings with and B) my schedule is way too crazy for meetings. Plus, I can use the app on my iPhone to track my points, look up recipes, etc!

Oh and because I feel like being really mean to myself, here’s my photo from today, the day I joined:

You can thank Big Daddy for the horrendous angle of this photo. Also plus 2 for anyone who saw the pug in this pic! (Hello Harles!)

  • Week 1: -0
  • Total: -0

I’m going to try to make my blog more health-friendly and include motivators, recipes, and such. I am really picky and hope you all will give suggestions- but also not be offended if I am far too picky for some of your healthy ideas. It’s going to be my biggest challenge. Perhaps I’ll try a new food every week?! Who knows!

Also- Big Daddy is getting healthy too. He doesn’t do well with Weight Watchers but he’s got his own way that works for him. He was thinking about starting a blog but was worried about it- I think he’s still on the fence. Could you all post comments motivating him!?! Perhaps you were scared to start a blog, or hesitant? I think your comments might help motivate him to start a blog, or at least to have a post here and there on mine.

Thanks for your ideas and motivation as I start this journey! I know you’ll all be a really important part of this process for me.




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11 10 2010

Yay for getting healthy! David and I REALLY need to get back on that wagon. We did pretty well leading up to the wedding, but have both gained most of the weight we lost back. We’ve never done Weight Watchers, but I might look into some of their recipes – I know me cooking healthier would be a good first step. We need to get back in the gym too! You’re too cute, and I can’t wait to watch your progress!

Also, I think David would enjoy seeing/reading B’s progress as a fellow guy. We love finding other couples getting healthy together!

11 10 2010
Emily B

You got this, girlfriend!!

I’m going to tell you the exact same thing I told Laura: We’re all here for you. I’m glad to hear B is joining you (even though it’s in a different way.) It is SO important to have the support of your spouse when facing issues like this (weight loss, quitting smoking, quitting drinking, etc.) If you keep up a “lifestyle change” mentality and you’ll do great. Diets don’t work…changing your lifestyle does.

Your idea of trying a new (healthy) food every week sounds like a great plan. You never know what you might end up liking that you *think* you hate. (Although there are a TON of foods that I *know* I hate and people are always “Omg what do you mean just TRYYY ITTTT.” Um, no thanks. I don’t like it. So I understand if there are things you just don’t like.) Anyway, I don’t really have any healthy recipes in my arsenal, but I can always ask my mom (who is like, the fitness QUEEN) what she recommends.

B should TOTES start a blog πŸ™‚ I’ll read it!

11 10 2010

Em – whenever you talk about food, you make me laugh out loud. Not LOL. like literally, laugh out loud. Who are you?

12 10 2010

YAY! Ha, glad I made you literally lol πŸ™‚ Who am I? A funny food-lover, apparently!

11 10 2010

#1, I’d give you a hug if I could, dumb-butt coworker-that’s CLEARLY you.
#2, You go girl! Do the damn thing!
#3, PUG!
#4, as far as B, I find the blogosphere just an encouraging community!! And fun!! Just do it!
#5 I think healthy living blogs are so fun/interesting/informative! I’ve got some listed on my blog you may want to check out. Yay! I’m sincerely excited for you πŸ™‚

11 10 2010

You’re beautiful no matter what that scale says…but I totally get the whole weight battle and still fight with it every FREAKIN DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be cheering for you every step of the way!!!


11 10 2010

I LOVE SPARKS TOO! And Harles. I actually debated on buying your three kiddos a doggie gift at PetSmart yesterday. (And Laura’s Paisley) But then Pete said that I was (a) crazy and (b) could not afford it. But you let little Harles know that Tebow really wanted to send him and the ladies some schwag.

Okay, the point I’m trying to make is that there is a strange little orange & blue wearing family down in the middle of nowhere Florida who ❀ you all and want you to know that you are (a) awesome (b) super pretty and (c) going to kick this WW's butt! I am more than happy to give you all of my support and I'll kick B's butt if you need me to πŸ™‚

So happy for you! YOU CAN DO IT!

12 10 2010

Count me in for the New Year! Yea it is still a few months away but have to budget for it… please give me the information in the meantime!

12 10 2010

I have some amazing before and after pics for a few guy friends of mine I could share. Men do tend to lose weight faster than women (not to discourage you KJ, cuz I’m here for ya). Also, cutting out soda’s alone, if you drink that, can cause 1-2lbs weight loss AT LEAST. Not that I’m judging, cuz I’m pretty addicted to sweet tea.

I think posting healthy ideas, motivators, etc are great. There is one blog I follow (Stefanie’s Stories) and she just finished her first half marathon despite some injuries along the way. Whatever works for both of you, just know that you can support each other. One day Brad is ready to eat healthy and I’m not, and vice versa. It helps. GOOD LUCK!!!! =)

12 10 2010

First off – anyone can tell that’s you in the picture. Your coworker is a jerk. And 60 pounds later, you’re still gorgeous.

But good for you for refocusing on yourself! You can do this, and don’t get discouraged if B loses it faster than you do (men are jerks and weight loss is easy for them). You want an embarrassing fact? Rob weighs less than I do. And is about 4 inches taller than I am. He’s embarrassed about it to, so pretend like I didn’t just tell you that.

12 10 2010
Steph C.

Good luck Kelly! A few of my friends are on WW and they swear by it.. I have to admit, it intrigues me too. I think the iPhone will be such a huge help to you, since you can keep track where ever you are.

Tell the man to write a blog! I was definitely hesitant to start writing again but am happy that I am; the amount of support I get and the blogger friends I’ve made are amazing. I bet it would really help him!

12 10 2010

Way to go friend!!! WW is awesome, as I’ve already told Laura about 100 times! My dad adores his iphone app and uses it religiously and has lost massive weight since May just by changing his eating habits. He doesn’t enjoy nor find the time to workout.

As for B, um DO IT!!!!!!! Or at least post on here sometimes, please please please!!!!

12 10 2010

I am so proud of you! I am jumping back on WWs to just get my eating habits on track, but people always yell at me when I say that (why can’t people be happy for others, I never understand.) For the record, I think you are just as gorgeous as you were in college!! And in college EVERYONE is their best version…we were tan and skinny because we didn’t have much else to do! But I’m happy that you’re doing this to be healthier, I need you around (for stalking purposes, obvs) as long as poss ❀ xoxo

12 10 2010

oh yes, and PS, why doesn’t your hubby do some guest posts? If he isn’t ready for a full on blog?

12 10 2010

I second this idea! PERFECT!

12 10 2010

I totally tried to write this comment last night on my BBerry but I’m apparently ra-tarded and couldn’t get my thumbs to work…

I think you’re as gorgeous now as you were back then, regardless of what size you wear. It’s awesome that you’re trying to get healthy though = I’ve gone off the wagon since our wedding and have such a hard time getting back into my routine. I never cooked this much just for myself and I really have to start looking at healthier options for the hubs and I.

Your blogging family is behind you 110% and will be your cheerleaders every step of the way. I can’t wait to see what recipes and foods you’ll be trying… so I can copy you and eat all the same stuff. So it’s a good thing you’re picky because I am too. πŸ˜€

You need to tell B that he should SOOOOOO start blogging. It’s nerve racking at first but once you find your voice, it’s so much fun! Plus, you meet all these really cool people via the ‘net like his awesome wife.

12 10 2010

Congratulations on taking a positive step! I read the blog Gina’s Weight Watchers Recipes (don’t remember the address off-hand, but it comes up in Google) and everything she posts is 1) delicious and 2) generally under 5 points a serving. I made her recipe for pumpkin butter (2 points!) and it turned out great.

12 10 2010
A Mother...Again

I agree with everyone else – that’s CLEARLY you! I could tell right away and I don’t even know you IRL! Anyway, I think that it’s great that you’re doing this so publicly…you’ll get LOTS and LOTS of support from your girls here and encouragement for the tougher days.

I think that we all have a picture from our past that we wish we coudl “re-create”…kudos to you for doing something about it!

We’re all wishing you luck! And yes, your husband should blog…or guest post…or something – it’s addictive!

12 10 2010

Hey Lady, totally cheering for you and I would so join you come December! I think I’m going to check out WW though because D and I both are feeling pretty crummy about ourselves and we both know lack of eating well and exercising are the main reason for feeling crummy. I’m going to begin my shopping in the produce aisle and go from there.

You motivated me to start my blog and that was via twitter… I’m glad I have done that, it’s nice to know that people read and have suggestions, it keeps me focused and also motivates me when I’m feeling down. I can also just write down my thoughts and feelings and just put them out there for the universe to do what they will with them. You can also maybe win stuff, so that’s another great reason! πŸ™‚

12 10 2010

I am so proud of you, Twinner! Getting started is the hardest part- I really believe that.

You are gorgeous and I hope you know that. The journey to weight loss is not all about the girl in the mirror. It’s about the person inside of there! And it feels pretty damn good to stand up and decide to treat yourself better and make some smart decisions on behalf of your health and confidence. I can’t wait to follow along with your progress!

You know I have done Weight Watchers on and off for several years with great success. I am currently at an OFF period, and I can feel it. And see it. 😦 I need to get it back together. My best advice for you is to go easy on yourself. I am a HARD CORE rule follower and lose sleep about a bad meal out, that piece of cake I had, etc. And when you are SO ANAL about the program, you will lose the weight quickly AND you will fall off the wagon quickly. Cut yourself some slack and take it a day at a time! No matter what happens today, tomorrow is a new day. New points. New start.

So proud of you already!!!!


12 10 2010

I started 4 weeks ago and am loving! congratulations! The first step is definitely the hardest!!!

12 10 2010
Jessica Lynn

Oh wow, lots of comments! You’re going to kick ass at this with this many supporters helping you out πŸ™‚ I’ve been on WW for over a year. I lost around 20 pounds for my wedding then promptly gained it all backβ€”plus moreβ€”in the past eight months. Now i’m trying to get it off again!

12 10 2010

You can do it Kelly!! You are gorgeous no matter what, but its all about what makes YOU feel good. I’m not on Weight Watchers but I LOVE cooking Weight Watcher food!! They have the best recipes. My favorite cook book is the Weight Watchers cook book. There are some awesome things in there. And I agree that B should do some guest blogging for you. Thats a great way to get his feet wet without totally committing.

12 10 2010

B – you should totally blog about it. No one has to know about it if you don’t want them to. It can just be for ya’ll.

KJ-You can totally do this. Plus, the chicken/salsa crockpot thing is a WW recipe. Not exactly sure the points, but you probably only have to count the chicken and and any additional toppings. Salsa is 0 points.

I will continue blogging about healthy recipes that I’ve eaten. Yummyness!

12 10 2010
Laura L

So happy you joined K$! Here we go on our journey together… even though I want to lose like double what you want to lose we can go through our victories (and unfortunate struggles) from across the country with each other. Love you and we can do this! πŸ™‚

Now Mr. B… please start a blog. Brad started WW with me — he isn’t going to meetings but I pack his lunch with a post it saying his points and he eats what I eat for dinner helping him know what the points are there. He finds WW to be such a girl thing and he doesn’t know ANY guys in the same struggles as him — I’ve sent him weight loss blogs that motivate me but they are always females and I know he would love seeing one from a guy his age with his same or similar struggles.

Let’s do this shit.

12 10 2010

Good luck! You can do it.

Have you ever thought about yoga? I am totally a broken record lately, but going to hot yoga has changed the way that I view eating and exercise. I’m a complete emotional/stress eater, and channeling that into yoga (which is also an INTENSE workout) has helped me to enjoy eating but not rely on it to relax and de-stress.

Can’t wait to hear your updates!

12 10 2010

Good Luck! It is hard and rewarding. Just think how great it will feel when you slip on your jeans and they are a little looser than they were the week before.

BTW – I LOVE Sparks too! Most people think I am weird for drinking it.

12 10 2010
Laura from Happy Hour with a Housewife

Another person that LOVE Sparks FYI. ❀

12 10 2010

First of all – stand up, walk away from the comp/put down the iphone & go crack your co-worker a fresh one. I’ll wait… ya back? Cool.

– I already gave you my super secret weapon from when I was on WW. I tried a few unconventional things from the recipes too. And trust me Dan is the pickiest eater I know. 30yrs old & he’s NEVER had a salad – true story.

– like a previous poster I’ll join you after the new year as well. Last year I was paranoid about wedding weight and held back on Holiday goodies. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that this year, so once that’s over, I’m with you.

– B should TOTALLY blog!! He doesn’t have to create a whole blog all on his own. Maybe he can just start by posting on here? Danny’s thinking of doing the same but taking baby-steps on my new post-wedding blog. Maybe create a tab on top for him?? Whatever he does, we’ll def. be there to follow along. πŸ™‚

12 10 2010

Hey chica, so proud of you for starting on the weight loss journey. Coincidence… swear I’m not copying you. My diet starts today too. I couldn’t start yesterday because of Canadian Thanksgiving (my local Canuck friend threw a dinner party last night).

Today is exactly 5 months away from my birthday. The big 4-0. I’m pretty bummed about turning 40 with what I see as big holes in my life. So, in an effort to not feel quite as bad I’m going to try to eliminate one thing that is so wrong in my life… my weight.

40 x 40 – my goal is 40lbs., which I know will be hard in my timeframe, but I really NEED to do it. I’m here for you and I hope you can provide some support and inspiration for me too. I’ll start my blog later today and will send you the link.

Good luck and I hope our thinner selves can meet at the end of this journey!

12 10 2010

You can tell by the 28 comments that we are all here to support you! I’ve struggled with SO MANY weight issues as well and I completely get where you are coming from. I’ve actually toyed with the idea of trying weight watchers (b/c i hear it really works, and even as an aspiring nutritionist, I’m not perfect). I may just give it a go.

And if you ever need any help on healthy food or healthy recipes, ask me! I have a good amount on my nutrition site and even more in my recipe book (aka, a folder stuffed to the brim with recipe ideas) so let me know. I know you are a picky eater, but as Em said above, you may actually find you like something you thought you hated. So let me know what you need, how I can help or anything. I’m 100% here to do this (i’m, you know, studying to do this for a living :))

oh and I’M PROUD of you for taking this step. The hardest parts are getting the courage to do it and actually following through with the implementation, and once you’ve tackled those, you’ll be surprised at what you can’t accomplish.

12 10 2010

I am proud of you. πŸ™‚ Using your blog for stuff like this is a great way to stay accountable. Please to be sharing any healthy recipes you find! I need to start eating a little better myself (says the girl that just shoved a cinnamon crunch panera bagel in her face a few minutes ago).

12 10 2010

You’ve got this. And we all are here to root you on! As someone mentioned, getting started is the hardest part. That is true. I try and fail on numerous occassions, and just need to get my butt in gear. I am proud of you for doing this. We are behind you 100%!

12 10 2010

Wishing you lots of luck! I’ve heard so many good things about WW!

12 10 2010
Ali @ His Birdie's Nest

First of all could not agree more with everyone else that your a GORG and your co-worker is a dingbat for not seeing that is you in that pic!
But, good for you for trying to get healthier! Also, I’m glad B is doing it (although his way) with you πŸ™‚ It’s great to have at home support.

12 10 2010

You’ve got another cheerleader in me! πŸ™‚ I see lots of good advice above, and I just wanted to second the “one day at a time” advice. You can do it!
I think I might have a few recipes that you would like, I’ll email them to you! (And I won’t be insulted if you don’t like them!)
P.S. I was just thinking about you the other day when I was craving couscous, turkey sausage, onion and feta cheese. OMG, that is still one of my fave recipes ever!

12 10 2010
Laura from Happy Hour with a Housewife

Also meant to tell you – I’ve been having a WW hater on my blog lately.

12 10 2010

Adding another voice to the chorus: “You CAN do it!” I’m so encouraged by this post + your courage for sharing this journey with us. I’ve been on an eat-healthier-and-homemade kick myself… maybe we can swap recipes! πŸ˜€

12 10 2010

Yay for both of you for getting healthy! I used to try to work out and eat well, but with work and wedding planning I ended up just not for about a year. Today was actually my first day of trying to walk three times a day with the pupster, and I am going to cook tonight so please do share your healthy recipes and I will share mine (if they turn out edible!) And B should totally start a blog! I think it would really help him gain a lot of support (not that he doesn’t already have it from you!) and motivation. Can’t wait to see your progress!

12 10 2010

I have a crazy before-picture of myself in a teeny yellow bikini from spring break. I was snooki-tan and making a ridonk jungle-juice-on-the-beach induced face, but it serves the same purpose. If you looked like it once, you can again. Sometimes it makes me want to cry, but mostly it makes me want to spring to action. Keep your picture close, use it!

12 10 2010
Newlyweds on a Budget

CONGRATULATIONS! Joining is the first step! I follow Happy Hour w a Housewife too and love that she’s taking control of her health! I’ve been trying to lose 10 pounds for like 5 years…and I always fail. I did a recipe today on my blog from SkinnyTaste.com and it was SO good–Chicken Chile enchiladas. You should honestly check it out. i’ve done a few from there and i love that they are healthy and yummy!

12 10 2010

My Dearest Kelly and to her wonderful hubby,
It’s because of your amazing wife that I started a blog. Kel was one of first friends on twitter and I couldn’t wait to read a new blog. She told me I had a lot of offer and people would read, it would just take time. Now I have my own blog πŸ™‚ Yes, Kelly I know I havent wrote anything in a while but I will soon:)
So, you see your wife is awesome:) so start your own blog damnit!

Good luck w WW:)
❀ me

12 10 2010
Murphy Dogg

Hi Kelly!
Remember me, Murphy Dogg? I’m Dixie’s boyfriend who’s been a pretty shitty boyfriend over the past 9 months. Can you tell her that I’m sorry & that I hope we are still boyfriend/girlfriend? I’m back to blogging, so maybe she will stop by sometime so I know she doesn’t hate me.
Murphy Dogg

12 10 2010

Love you heart sis and am here for you the whole way!!!!!!!!

12 10 2010

Aw, yay! I missed this originally (sorry) but I’m glad I finally saw it. I’m so happy for you, you’re going to rock this. πŸ™‚

13 10 2010

You go girl! I know you can do it…if you’ve done it before you can do it again! Best of luck…can’t wait to see and hear about your progress!

13 10 2010

Good For you!! I am a WW re-tread – and lost many, many lbs. Several different times! With two kids who have totally different nutritional needs, I bailed and went with my BFF: Jenny! (Again)
The s%&t really hit the fan when I realized I needed to order a wedding dress 6 MONTHS in advance. No way was I going to be a STAY-PUFT marshmallow down the aisle.
Today, I hit my half-way goal. In 16 more lbs, I’ll fit into the wedding dress. In 25 lbs, I’ll be at the high range of normal. In all, that would be @ 45 lbs. Approximate weight of Gen & Foo combined…… 60 lbs wouldn’t be unreasonable goal for me.
SO Glad you took that picture; in a few weeks you’ll be able to see the changes from all your hard work.
I swear by Chobani greek yogurt (14 gms protein WTF??) and Cooking Light magazine.
Looks like you have a large team here working right along side you…….it’s easier when you’ve got people to comiserate with and share successes with.
Keep up the good work.
And get your co-worker a new personality, the current one sucks.

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