Tagged Again! (This feels like Gym Class circa 1992.)

12 10 2010

I started this post as a draft last night after I noticed that Morgan re-tagged me. Before I post it tonight though, I want to thank you all for your AMAZING comments on my post yesterday. Your support means the world to me. When I did WW and it worked, I was with five of my best friends at every meeting. I clearly don’t have that here, but yesterday you all proved to me that you’re that support I need. You are all my biggest cheerleaders and you’re all helping me stay accountable. I cannot, cannot, cannot thank you enough. I don’t have the words for it. Seriously. You are all amazing and have motivated and touched (not in a creepy way) both me and B in this process. Ok… moving on!

Sweet Morgan from The Handcrafted Life tagged me (darn! I shoulda called no tag-backs! LOL… middle school, I’m tellin’ ya. Just kidding Morgan!) and I am so excited to answer her questions.

I tagged her in my last tag-happy post and just found that she shares my love for Joey-isms. After laughing out loud for a while, I trekked over here to answer her great questions!

1. Who is on your list of 5 (famous people you can be with), and is your list laminated?

Vince Vaughn. I think he’s hilarious and sexy. And most likely the only normal one on my list. My weirdest celeb crush is Howie Mandel. I think he’s just the bee’s knees. I kind of like Tony Danza too. (And whenever I see him on TV I think of the Tiny Dancer song… “Hold me closer, Tony Dannnnnzzzzzaaaaa!”)

I honestly think that’s it. I’m not super into celebs like that. And while I love the Friends reference in the question, I wouldn’t give up B for any of these guys, even for a night!

2. Sweet or Savory–what is your favorite type of food?

There are only two food groups. Sweets and pizza. NOM. See my last post where I joined Weight Watchers… wahhhh!

My Grandma used to eat Cheez-Its around me a lot and said she had a “salt tooth.” I pictured an actual tooth made of salt that needed Cheez-Its to survive, but no… it meant she liked salt. I enjoy a little bit of both but I CRAVE sweets and carbs like no one’s business.

3. Approx how many pairs of shoes do you have, and describe the last pair you bought.

I just got rid of a TON of shoes, so I have no idea how many I have. Probably six or so pairs of flip flops and 10 other pairs of everyday or dressy shoes. I don’t know if I’ve bought shoes in a while… I bought a pair of barely-heeled Nine West black pointed-toe shoes in April for the big event my work had… sadly I think that was it. I’m going to be buying a red pair soon though due to my pal Cher’s advice.

4. If money is no object, what is your ultimate dream vacation?

A tour of Europe for like, a month or two. B really wants to see England and France, and I really want to go back to Italy (Sicily, specifically) with him. Who wants to fund this?!?!

5. Favorite new TV show this season?

I love The Big C but it makes me depressed. I hate seeing people cheat on their spouse (oh… spoiler alert. Sorry?) But the MAIN ATTRACTION this season is BOARDWALK EMPIRE!!!! Seventeen thumbs up. Seriously. Sopranos on crack. I’m so jazzed.

6. The new leggings fashion trend, are you for it or against it?

I really like them, but they’re not really that functional for me. I don’t have any long tunic-y shirts, which you need for leggings. So I have to buy full outfits to wear this trend, not just pieces. Until I hit the lotto that’s not going to happen. Maybe as a “when I hit the ### mark” reward on WW?

7. What is the sweetest/nicest thing your hubby does for you?

He will leave me HILARIOUS voicemails that are songs with our inside jokes. He also sometimes takes out the pugs at night for me when I’ve been working, which I know is a tiny thing, but means so much when I’m exhausted on the couch.

8. Have you ever had a bad haircut? What did you do to get over it?

I had a bad haircut once (I swore it was uneven) and skipped my Aunt’s wedding because of it. I’m not joking. So maybe I’m not the one to ask about this. (I did go back and get it fixed, even though they thought I was crazy!)

Thanks for the tag Morgan!!!!

Oh and here’s a gratuitous pug picture!

Dixie Bugg takes the spotlight today because she’s A) gorgeous and B) super happy that her badass Boston Terrier boyfriend Murphy Dogg from Punk Rock Dogg is blogging again after a hiatus!

Thanks again for EVERYTHING, everyone. I’ll keep you updated on B’s blog too!




5 responses

12 10 2010

I just got tagged for the fourth time too. Whew. It’s hard answering all the questions!

1- Helltotheyah Vince Vaughn is a fave of mine.
6- I don’t own any leggings and wouldn’t know how to accessorize them. AKA – boots? sandals? baggy top? long top? I’m confused.
7-Letting the dog out is super romantic and sweet and amazing of a husband to do!

And lastly – hello cute Bugg pug baby. 😀

12 10 2010
Emily B

Haha Tony Danzaaaa! And Howie Mandel. Really, I have no words. Although, I’m probably not one to talk, I seem to be attracted to “dad” looking men (read: older.)

13 10 2010

When I read that top part, the last line reminded me of School of Rock: “I’ve touched all of your children.. and I’m pretty sure they’ve all touched me.” BAHAHA

Speaking of older men, the new James Bond (Daniel Craig) .. I could eat him right up. MMM

13 10 2010

I have to admit that I am freaked out by the Howie Mandel thing. But… to each their own! I have a huge crush on Hugh Laurie. Is that his name? House?

Anyway, I wear tons of leggings so I’m glad you didn’t say mean things. I held my breath. Long shirt that covers your butt + cute leggings + flats = bliss.

I hope day 2 on WW is going well!!!!


PS I just survived an earthquake.

14 10 2010

I heart leggings! But I am in the camp where they are NOT pants – it’s a slippery slope. I wear them with a dress (great way to make summer dresses last longer), a cardigan & boots cuz my hips are not meant for tunics.

I’m so with you on the Bdwlk Empire thing too, only Steve Buscemi in HD is totally unnecessary. 🙂

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