Buffalo Wild Wings Tradition, Take 3!

13 10 2010

For the third time in less than a year, I drove halfway to Louisville (lovely Columbus Indiana) and Stephanie from The Life of a Husband and Wife drove halfway up towards me… you get the drift! We’ve done this meetup twice before- once in the snow (on my way home at least) before my wedding, and once earlier this year, in July.

This time, I had a lovely package for her- an Old Navy shirt she was looking for- and a lovely print out for me- the WW points for Buffalo Wild Wings. (Naked Wings! They’re just grilled chicken tenders and are one point each!)

There are no words to describe how much fun it is getting together with Stephanie. We could (and have!) talked for hours. If I hadn’t almost walked into a men’s room (it happens) the night might’ve lasted longer. Hey, a girl gets tired sometimes.

Steph, I love ya girl! Thanks for always making me laugh and being able to hold your own in our debates about bloggers πŸ™‚

And of course, as Stephanie much hates, part of our visit is always a photo I force a stranger to take while shouting “It’s TRADITION!!!” (I posted one other one on this blog, remember!)

Thanks for being a wonderful friend, Stephanie!




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13 10 2010

Do you two judge me? I hope not. But then I hope that I’m cool enough that one day I might be brought up in a great blog chat. But only good things.

Oh I love meeting up with fellow bloggers. Want to venture down to Florida? Pretty Please?

13 10 2010

LOL no don’t worry. I should have qualified that. It was a very well known blogger (who would never in a million years visit this blog) that is seen as controversial. No one that comments here!!!!

13 10 2010
Emily B

Haha I was thinking the same thing as Hannah! You make me so nerrrrvous, KJ! But I will admit, Claire (@realnutritioncg) and I have chatted about you before πŸ™‚ All good things, I promise!

Question, in conversation, do you call it B-Dubs or Buffalo Wild Wings? I ask because the franchise first began as “BW3” and people who were around for that era call it B-Dubs. But people who only know it as Buffalo Wild Wings have NO idea what I’m talking about when I call it B-Dubs. So yeah…what do you call it?

14 10 2010

Hmm. A controversial blog? I should read said blog. DO TELL! πŸ˜‰

I’m so new to blogging, I’ve never really considered a meet-up… sounds like fun, there are so many wonderful people I’ve met through my blog that I would love to chat with in person!

14 10 2010

Thanks for the love KJ, no thank you for the bad picture. Ugh, it was so past my bedtime and it shows!! I had so much fun and needed a night out oh so badly! You should totally tell everyone the blog, although I’m sure you don’t want to increase readers over there πŸ˜‰

PS: Emily B, for me its definitely B-Dubs all the way, does that make me old!? :-O

14 10 2010

I am so flattered that you and Stephanie were debating about me. That happens ALL THE TIME! The age-old question:

Does Twinner look more like Jessica Biel or Jessica Alba?

I bet you girls debated all night. It’s such a toss-up.


14 10 2010
Laura L


I get so sad we all don’t have a half way point. Well we do, but it couldn’t just be for dinner! πŸ™‚ BTW, thank you for calling me on your way home – I loved chatting it up for a few.

14 10 2010

Aww, I’m bummed I’m not really close enough to any blog-friends for a meet up. Ironic isn’t it? Esp. in NYC? Hah!

BTW – KJ, I’m diggin’ the green cardi. Is it ON?

14 10 2010

Thanks! It’s actually NY&Co from earlier in 2009 but Old Navy happens to have a nearly identical one right now.

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