Big news…

14 10 2010

I’ve moved!

Sort of.

For the past month and a half I’ve been working with Lauren from I Love You Much (aka Mrs Scissors on Weddingbee) to come up with a new blog design. And she outdid herself. The design is pugtastically awesome.

My new home is!

Go visit and make sure you re-subscribe! They’re two different blogs so you have to add it to your reader again!

Thanks for keeping up with me in my new digs, peeps!



4 responses

19 10 2010

I LOVE the new blog! It’s so FRESH! Stupid question, but does that mean this one is going away and the new one is taking its place???

21 10 2010

Gah, no wonder my reader has been alarmingly empty of your posts! Heading over there right now to get my KJ fix!

21 10 2010

Weird, is your new blog password protected? I’m getting a pop up that wants me to enter a username and password when I navigate to your new site. 😦

27 10 2010

Hey Girl…lost you over the summer!! I haven’t tweeted much, I have gone over to the FB Dark Side. Your Blog is FABULOUS!!!! I just joing Lifestyle Family Fitness…my goal is 50!

Have a Fabulous Day~
Jenn (jennwow)

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