Welcome to my blog, peeps! I’m KJ, also known as kjpugs. KJ being my first and middle name initials. They rhyme with Jelly Bean. That being said, Easter is not a favorite holiday, and I prefer Peeps. (The marshmallow kind, not peep-le like you.)

A little bit about me. I babysat Bobbi Brown’s kids, Christina Ricci babysat me, and I was once in the same room as Sandra Bullock. These, combined with the radio commercial I did for a jewelry company, make me famous by association. In my mind. Despite these undeniable connections, I remain an ordinary citizen.

I’m the world’s pickiest eater, married to an (obviously) very patient man. Together we have three beautiful pugs (although among them there are only about 2 and one quarter brains) and live in the world’s tiniest house in Indianapolis.

New Jersey is my homeland and I’m damn proud of it. I moved out here for a job with my sorority… poor choice, although I did learn to polish silver and tie bows. I met my hubby (B or Big Daddy to you) here though, so I can’t complain. I currently have the world’s coolest job and am happy to be married instead of engaged. Fiance sounds pretentious. If it weren’t for my hypochondria and missing my family, my life would be perfect.

I suck at cooking (but rock at high-fat baking), and can barely dress myself with my Target brand couture. My decorating style is “shoving hand-me-downs into the house” in tones of red, tan, and gold, and my dogs can’t even sit on command. I don’t really excel at anything – I’m pretty much just “ok” at best in all my endeavors. But guess what? I’m happy, and I’m going to tell you about them anyway.


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