I bit the bullet.

11 10 2010

Actually I bit more than the bullet. I’ve bitten my way to being 60+ pounds heavier than when I first met B.

I had a really hard 2009. And as much as I wanted to lose weight for the wedding, we went through too much. I lost my job, I held down two horrible part time jobs, I took a pay cut to take a crap job that had no benefits… then we had issues with wedding money we were promised, had to practically cancel it… things just were bad and worse each month in 2009. The wedding weight loss never happened.

I was talking to one of my coworkers about something from college and showed her this picture:

That would be me and my college friend Rob, at graduation. (I finished in December but had to walk in May. I had met Big Daddy about a month before.) Yes, I drink Sparks. AND LOVE IT.

Anyway, my coworker looks at the picture and is like… who is that? And I was like, oh, my friend Rob. And she was like no, THAT GIRL. WHO IS THAT? THAT’S NOT YOU.

Andddd cue me wanting to cry.

Ok clearly I’m making an intense Sparks-induced face, like some sort of sick advertisement, but yea. I was 60 pounds lighter and felt so much better. And LOOKED so much better. That was only three and a half years ago.

So today, I joined Weight Watchers online. It previously worked for me (I was on it in this picture!) and I lost 32 pounds. I now have to lose double what I lost before. But I know I can do it. I won’t admit my weight on here (sorry guys, I’m just not that secure) but I will tell you my totals. Laura at Happy Hour with a Housewife inspired me too. I hope if any of you are planning to join, that you will and you’ll join not just Weight Watchers but join US! Having girlfriends makes it so much easier.

I chose to do online this time because A) I have no friends to go to meetings with and B) my schedule is way too crazy for meetings. Plus, I can use the app on my iPhone to track my points, look up recipes, etc!

Oh and because I feel like being really mean to myself, here’s my photo from today, the day I joined:

You can thank Big Daddy for the horrendous angle of this photo. Also plus 2 for anyone who saw the pug in this pic! (Hello Harles!)

  • Week 1: -0
  • Total: -0

I’m going to try to make my blog more health-friendly and include motivators, recipes, and such. I am really picky and hope you all will give suggestions- but also not be offended if I am far too picky for some of your healthy ideas. It’s going to be my biggest challenge. Perhaps I’ll try a new food every week?! Who knows!

Also- Big Daddy is getting healthy too. He doesn’t do well with Weight Watchers but he’s got his own way that works for him. He was thinking about starting a blog but was worried about it- I think he’s still on the fence. Could you all post comments motivating him!?! Perhaps you were scared to start a blog, or hesitant? I think your comments might help motivate him to start a blog, or at least to have a post here and there on mine.

Thanks for your ideas and motivation as I start this journey! I know you’ll all be a really important part of this process for me.