Big news…

14 10 2010

I’ve moved!

Sort of.

For the past month and a half I’ve been working with Lauren from I Love You Much (aka Mrs Scissors on Weddingbee) to come up with a new blog design. And she outdid herself. The design is pugtastically awesome.

My new home is!

Go visit and make sure you re-subscribe! They’re two different blogs so you have to add it to your reader again!

Thanks for keeping up with me in my new digs, peeps!


Guest Post!

14 10 2010

Guess what guys?! I am officially a guest blogger today!

Go visit Amy’s blog Little Miss Wedding Planner to see my guest post, which is about the Five Love Languages.

Congrats on your marriage, Amy!!!!

-kjpugs on iPhone

Tagged Again! (This feels like Gym Class circa 1992.)

12 10 2010

I started this post as a draft last night after I noticed that Morgan re-tagged me. Before I post it tonight though, I want to thank you all for your AMAZING comments on my post yesterday. Your support means the world to me. When I did WW and it worked, I was with five of my best friends at every meeting. I clearly don’t have that here, but yesterday you all proved to me that you’re that support I need. You are all my biggest cheerleaders and you’re all helping me stay accountable. I cannot, cannot, cannot thank you enough. I don’t have the words for it. Seriously. You are all amazing and have motivated and touched (not in a creepy way) both me and B in this process. Ok… moving on!

Sweet Morgan from The Handcrafted Life tagged me (darn! I shoulda called no tag-backs! LOL… middle school, I’m tellin’ ya. Just kidding Morgan!) and I am so excited to answer her questions.

I tagged her in my last tag-happy post and just found that she shares my love for Joey-isms. After laughing out loud for a while, I trekked over here to answer her great questions!

1. Who is on your list of 5 (famous people you can be with), and is your list laminated?

Vince Vaughn. I think he’s hilarious and sexy. And most likely the only normal one on my list. My weirdest celeb crush is Howie Mandel. I think he’s just the bee’s knees. I kind of like Tony Danza too. (And whenever I see him on TV I think of the Tiny Dancer song… “Hold me closer, Tony Dannnnnzzzzzaaaaa!”)

I honestly think that’s it. I’m not super into celebs like that. And while I love the Friends reference in the question, I wouldn’t give up B for any of these guys, even for a night!

2. Sweet or Savory–what is your favorite type of food?

There are only two food groups. Sweets and pizza. NOM. See my last post where I joined Weight Watchers… wahhhh!

My Grandma used to eat Cheez-Its around me a lot and said she had a “salt tooth.” I pictured an actual tooth made of salt that needed Cheez-Its to survive, but no… it meant she liked salt. I enjoy a little bit of both but I CRAVE sweets and carbs like no one’s business.

3. Approx how many pairs of shoes do you have, and describe the last pair you bought.

I just got rid of a TON of shoes, so I have no idea how many I have. Probably six or so pairs of flip flops and 10 other pairs of everyday or dressy shoes. I don’t know if I’ve bought shoes in a while… I bought a pair of barely-heeled Nine West black pointed-toe shoes in April for the big event my work had… sadly I think that was it. I’m going to be buying a red pair soon though due to my pal Cher’s advice.

4. If money is no object, what is your ultimate dream vacation?

A tour of Europe for like, a month or two. B really wants to see England and France, and I really want to go back to Italy (Sicily, specifically) with him. Who wants to fund this?!?!

5. Favorite new TV show this season?

I love The Big C but it makes me depressed. I hate seeing people cheat on their spouse (oh… spoiler alert. Sorry?) But the MAIN ATTRACTION this season is BOARDWALK EMPIRE!!!! Seventeen thumbs up. Seriously. Sopranos on crack. I’m so jazzed.

6. The new leggings fashion trend, are you for it or against it?

I really like them, but they’re not really that functional for me. I don’t have any long tunic-y shirts, which you need for leggings. So I have to buy full outfits to wear this trend, not just pieces. Until I hit the lotto that’s not going to happen. Maybe as a “when I hit the ### mark” reward on WW?

7. What is the sweetest/nicest thing your hubby does for you?

He will leave me HILARIOUS voicemails that are songs with our inside jokes. He also sometimes takes out the pugs at night for me when I’ve been working, which I know is a tiny thing, but means so much when I’m exhausted on the couch.

8. Have you ever had a bad haircut? What did you do to get over it?

I had a bad haircut once (I swore it was uneven) and skipped my Aunt’s wedding because of it. I’m not joking. So maybe I’m not the one to ask about this. (I did go back and get it fixed, even though they thought I was crazy!)

Thanks for the tag Morgan!!!!

Oh and here’s a gratuitous pug picture!

Dixie Bugg takes the spotlight today because she’s A) gorgeous and B) super happy that her badass Boston Terrier boyfriend Murphy Dogg from Punk Rock Dogg is blogging again after a hiatus!

Thanks again for EVERYTHING, everyone. I’ll keep you updated on B’s blog too!

Pumpkin Patch Shenanigans

10 10 2010

We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch this weekend! Even though it was in the 70’s and even low 80’s. So very fall, ha. I worked most of the weekend, so our early morning trip on Saturday with friends was a great reprieve.

This is the crew we went with – Chris and Lexie, Lydia and Aaron, and of course, me and B.

Lyd is one of my bestest friends here so it was great to spend time with her. We even matched in our grey sweaters (until it hit 11:30 and was way too hot for them!)

B and I got a picture… check out the sign behind us for height, we’re both pretty freakin’ tall.

It was apparently one of the more lame pumpkin patches, but it was closer to home. I still thought it was fun! There were food vendors and other small attractions. Of course there were a few Face-in-Holes around…

There was also this giant dinosaur that would “eat” the pumpkins like once an hour. This lady would feed him:

And then he’d move around (with crazy dinosaur noises playing…)

And then SMASH IT a bunch before it would fall out.

We got on a trailer that took us to the pumpkin patch.

Aaron and B were “bumpin’ pumpkins” and showing off the big ones they chose.

We really only need one so I picked a small pug-pumpkin for myself.

We found this big pile of HUGE pumpkins later… What do you guys think, Christmas Card material?

They guys took an awkward photo together (what’s with the squatting!?)

And then the girls took one too!

It was my first official (aka, I’m old enough to remember) trip to a pumpkin patch and I am happy to report that it was AWESOME. Where do you guys get your pumpkins for carving? Up next… I will be making pumpkin seeds! (Whenever we all get together to carve them, that is!) Anyone have a great recipe to share?

The Haircut to End All Haircuts.

3 10 2010

MAJOR haircut win this weekend. MAJOR.

And I am sorry to keep you all waiting. I had such a fun twinner-filled weekend (and majorly pug-filled too… don’t worry, that recap will be posted very soon!) and I didn’t get to tweet as much as I wanted to. But let’s recap Friday AM, shall we?

The overwhelming majority of you were saying blonde and trim. This pretty much went with my thoughts. I LOVE my hair brown but with tanning, it makes it more difficult to look good. Plus, B voted only one option- blonde. That’s his opinion and since I could go either way, I figured let’s just keep it blonde! I LOVE my color when it’s fresh and my hair stylist, “The Russian,” is the best colorist I’ve ever had. So that part was easy. (Although I may go darker in the future… who knows!)

At first I was like, let’s just grow it OUT! But I’ve been more frustrated with long hair than any hairstyle I’ve had before. I know a lot of you said it wasn’t “stringy” but the point is, it just hangs. It doesn’t have a nice poof to it. If I am wearing a collared top or a suit jacket, it falls into the top, around it, and just looks really unprofessional and messy. I couldn’t go back. But I didn’t want to go quite as short. The thing that was bothering me the most was the back.

It became flippy no matter what. It hated me. This is the mullet situation I was talking about. Here it was from the front:

I went in and told The Russian my concerns. We decided on a cut that’s a little more trendy, will grow out better (although please, remind me in six weeks to get a trim) and still gives me some length. Oh and her new salon is super cute, close to my house, and has the most awesome lighting fixture ever:

I didn’t even have a minute to take a picture of my hair. Well, a good picture at least! I was texting with my girl pal Stephanie, since we both had hair appointments Friday morning, and finally took this one quickly to show her.

It’s longer in the front, basically just a tiny trim, and then shorter and stacked in the back. It’s much much much more manageable and, I think, pretty cute! Don’t worry, there are tons more pictures coming when I recap my weekend in the next post. Oh, and you can see Stephanie’s hot new ‘do here on her blog! I am jealous of her bangs. I LOVE and want them, but am far too greasy in the face for such a thing.

Also funny- try telling your husband that your hair is short in the back and long in the front. I’m pretty sure B thought Kate Gosselin was walking through our door. After viewing it though, he loves it!

Thanks everyone for weighing in and voting, and for all your sweet words! Sometimes it keeps me from goin’ crazy!


30 09 2010

B and I spent a few hours cleaning the house today, about 7:00 – 10:00 pm. And finally, I don’t feel like a Hoarder!! We did the whole house, but naturally you’re wondering about the spare bedroom.

Remember how the spare bedroom looked? And then how the cleaning was going? (Click and check out the pictures!)

Look! It’s de-hoarderfied!

The desk area is still in need of organization. But it’s guest-ready! And that is great because…


Aka my first blogging buddy. For nearly two years we’ve been blog buddies and we talk nearly every single day. And tomorrow we finally get to hang out!!! We are having a big pug blogger meetup in Indy (that was one of my first blogs- one for the pugs) and I’ll have a very full weekend. So don’t expect that many posts or blog comments until next week. Except maybe a quick update on my hair!

A Mullet Situation

29 09 2010

Ladies and gentlemen… I have a mullet situation.

Not THAT kind of mullet situation. Although I am proud of myself for photoshopping that one.

No, I have a hair problem. My hair is growing out, it’s been almost three months, when it should really be half that between trims for my short style. The back flips outwards immediately after blow drying, and even if I straighten it to curl slightly under, it will flip weird directions depending where it hits my shoulders or shirt collar. I’m kind of hating it right now. But I don’t know what to do with it- grow it out? Or cut it short again (the nearly two-month overdue trim!) And for that matter… stay blonde? Or go darker again.

Let’s backtrack. In high school, and growing up, and through much of college… I had long, blonde hair. (And VERY thin eyebrows. HOLY TWEEZERS!)

Senior pictures FTW!

Ok so we are skipping the rest of HS and college because I’m too thin then and it makes me sad, as well as making my hair look different. A hairstyle can go from hot to not if you gain or lose weight!

My hair was long through my first year-ish with B.

Then I cut it SHORT (well it was really short for me.)

That is an ADORABLE photo. Let’s try another, shall we?

I kept it shorter and blondeish like this for about a year.

Part of what bothers me about my hair short (and my hair in general) is that it’s thinner, and lays pretty flat. It looks stringy and kind of falls wherever.

(This is supposed to highlight the hair flatness. But it’s also when Sophie had her cancer removed and had to wear a cone, so we made her a “flower” and Dixie a Bee for a costume contest.)

When I lost my job in early 2009, I went dark. I kept it that way to save money. It was kind of bad when I was pale…

…but not so bad when I was tan.

(Hangin’ with my pal Laura during a pug get-together!)

It was darker for my engagement pictures.

When I got a job in summer 2009 I cut it and dyed it light again.

That would be me and my baby cousin. This was the first time I thought it might be too short for me.

I went a bit blonder and, after trying on my wedding dress, decided to grow it out.

(I had my one and only successful spray tan this day. The other time I tried I stood off-center and results did NOT turn out this well.)

By my wedding, after about six months of growing, my hair looked like this:

Then, as you all know, I cut it short post-wedding, and have kept it pretty short and blonde.

Then I cut it even SHORTER last July. (Go see the pictures if you don’t remember.)

So I don’t know what to do. I’m sick of having to really style my short hair, and get it cut every 6 weeks. But I hated my hair feeling LONG and STRINGY. I don’t know what looks best on me. And…… I have a haircut on Friday morning. Please help! You can select as many answers as you agree with.

Let me know what you think in the comments as well!